Problems with BTYahoo 1Mbps service

  ellese 22:32 23 Sep 2004

Hi there, I recently upgraded from BT Yahoo's 512 Kbps service to the 1Mbps one on wednesday. Problem was that on the activation date I could not get a connection as it said there was no dial tone, I presumed they were still working on the line, but today it was still the same story. I tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling the software and drivers for the modem to changing to microfilters thinking they might be faulty, but then a friend suggested then i take my phone of the hook to see what happens and funnily enough I got a connection, but still it seems to be running at a snails pace, not even as fast as my 512 connection, and I can't have my phone off the hook all the time. Anyone have any ideas before I phone the helpdesk tommorrow? Has this happened to anybody else. I am running a Dell inspiron 8600 laptop with WinXP Home if it's relevent.

  hugh-265156 03:10 24 Sep 2004

try connecting the modem directly to your main bt phone box with a microfilter and dont use any extensions and see what happens.

if all is well then use the shortest extension cable you can get away with and try again maybe.

  Djohn 03:40 24 Sep 2004

Try as huggyg71 suggest. How have you got your connection set up because if done correctly the phone should have no affect on the ADSL line at all even with a long connection lead.

My modem lead is 10 metres long and there is not one bit of difference if I move over to the main socket and use the standard supplied short lead.

As a guide you should have in a basic setup. 1 micro filter plugged into your main phone socket, this will have 2 outlets, 1 for the phone, the other for your ADSL lead to the modem.

If you have other sockets or connections throughout the house then it will need adjusting according to how the extensions are wired. Don't forget that if you have Sky TV this may also be plugged into your phone line and will need to go through the analogue side of the filter.

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