Problems with a BTC DVD +/- R/RW

  carlos 19:33 24 Sep 2003

Not sure it's consumer or not but bought one from my local computer shop( no complaints with them'til now)for £140. After install, upon playing any music it cuts out the sound ( Sonic Vortex2, no probs 'til now) replaced with a cheapo creative and it plays, well, it stutters thro tracks, changing them after a few moments.( using the software that came with it. If I play the music using the CDRW, no probs . Then played DVDs and keep getting a wrong region error message( even tho I set it for region 2 ( Europe). These DVDs play fine on combo and in TV/DVD player. Interestingly , altho it gives the error message with Disc one of HPotter Chamber DVD, it will attempt to open DVD2, but with no visuals and stuttering sound)Any comments would be gratefully recd

  carlos 12:15 25 Sep 2003

and drops in with some advice before I..... take it back this afternoon.

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