Problems with booting up new build

  mr simon 23:34 14 Jan 2010

I've just built a new desktop, mostly using new parts but a couple from my old PC, including the hard drive.

Booting up went fine, but I have decided to reinstall the OS to start afresh. I went into the BIOS and changed the boot order to DVD drive first, and popped Win 7 64 bit into the drive. Despite the fact that the motherboard detected the drive, it won't load the OS. All I am getting is a black screen with a blinking _ cursor.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

  mr simon 23:47 14 Jan 2010

Just to add, the drive doesn't detect any discs that I put in when the OS is booted up.

I have a molex and the IDE cable plugged in, am I missing one?

  JessicaD42 14:53 22 Jan 2010

Mr. Simon,

Prior to migrating to Windows 7 did you run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor?

To determine if your current computer configuration will be compatible with Windows 7 please go to the following link: click here

Another resource to verify compatibility is available at the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center located at the following link: click here

Microsoft Windows Client Team

  I am Spartacus 15:02 22 Jan 2010

If you've used a new motherboard with SATA ports but are using an IDE hard disk then make sure the BIOS settings for the drive are IDE rather than AHCI/SATA.

It's also possible the IDE drive uses a different controller to that of SATA so make sure that one is enabled.

  OTT_B 15:31 22 Jan 2010

Are you using the original W7 DVD, or a copy? I've seen the symptoms you have mentioned before, but only on copied DVDs. In which case, either using the original DVD, or reburning it onto a different media may help you.

  mr simon 18:10 23 Jan 2010

I am very sorry, I should have ticked this resolved or posted to say I've fixed it, but I wasn't expecting any replies. I bought a new drive and its working nicely.

Can I just add though, its great to see Microsoft staff on here helping people out. Long may it continue :)

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