Problems with Belkin n Modem/router

  Davy 43 11:48 06 Sep 2008

Hi Folks,

Just bought a Belkin 802.11n modem router with usb adaptor included. I have 3 pc's & 1 laptop on network (1 pc & laptop have Vista) other pc's have XP).The setup was straight forward, but the results are poor, dropped connection & poor signal.
Apart from the n usb adaptor, all other devices have the G standard, I understood that the new standard was backward compatible with 802.11g.
Going to box it up & take it back to Comet, if there is to be a problem with devices on my network, would I be better off going for a G+ MIMO model, would that solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.


  chaudha 21:41 06 Sep 2008

Hi david

I can empathise with you. I use a Belkin 54g router and extend my network with a Belkin access point. I upgraded to the belkin n modem router and found that the results were terrible. In fact, it had an even worse signal than my 54g router. I tried different settings and called the technical help several times but they were useless. So for now I am sticking to my old setup.

You could try updating the drivers and trying all the channels 1- 11. It's known that 1, 6, and 11 (11 in particular) work the best but try them all. You can change them in the router setup page (

I would suggest you are cautious about what you go for next because they don't always do what they say. The n range is supposed to be far superior to g+ mimo, but it's up to you if you want to risk it. Sorry I couldn't give more help.

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