Problems - AVG Update, System Restore & Uninstall

  harleyd 16:07 06 Nov 2007

I seem to have a problem with AVG, I'm getting a message - unfinished update of AVG free edition has been detected, would you like to finish the update process, now? When I click on the yes I get another message - update was unsuccessful. I've tried to uninstall it but it won't (neither will the uninstall work for any other programmes) and I've tried system restore but none of the restore dates will work either. I'm on XP, fairly new machine (18mnths) 1gb memory, Zonealarm, AVG anti virus, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spyware Blaster & Super AntiSpyWare are all installed. I've done a Trend Housecall scan and it shows clear. Overall it seems to be working fine. Anyone able to help?

  p;3 16:31 06 Nov 2007

what colour is your AVG icon and is your computer clock correct?

  birdface 16:33 06 Nov 2007

Try right clicking Avg in quick start.And press quit avg control center and press yes.Then go into all programs and delete it from there.See if that works.

  harleyd 16:58 06 Nov 2007

Hi p;3 & buteman. The AVG icon is red, black, green, yellow cubes & the clock/date is correct. I've tried to delete it as you said but got the message - Uninstall failed, Error - uninstallation not possible, product not installed, contact Tech Support @ Grisoft if problem continues. Does that make any sense?

  p;3 17:12 06 Nov 2007

one presumes you are running avg version 7.5? since doing the update have you rebooted?

  harleyd 17:26 06 Nov 2007

Yes, I'm running 7.5 build 486 (9.10.2007) and I did reboot

  p;3 17:34 06 Nov 2007

mine has only just been updated

7.5 503
269.15.23/1113 released 6/11/07 is what you SHOULD have ?

open the control centre security status box and see if all entries are in green

  harleyd 17:40 06 Nov 2007

Yep, Everythings in green

  p;3 17:49 06 Nov 2007

have you tried running system restore in safe mode as opposed to in normal mode?

  harleyd 18:01 06 Nov 2007

No, I haven't, er, how do I actually do that?

  p;3 18:19 06 Nov 2007

to get to safe mode,you need to reboot;on power- up, start to press repeatedly the F8 key until a screan you will never have seen appears with white writing on a black background

one entry on that screan should say 'safe mode '

if that entry is already highlighted press the 'enter'key on the keyboard; the computer will then continue to boot to safe mdoe; you will NOT be able to go on line in safe mode but you WILL be able to access system restore and see if WILL work

to get out of safe mode? merely go to start/shut down/ reboot

suggest try going into safe mode first to see what it actually looks like on the screan and how to get back to normal mode

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