Problems with AVG update 312

  lindyloo4 12:33 30 Aug 2003

From previous threads I saw that update 312 was available. However, when I tried to download it from Update Manager it was telling me I was up to date and I was only on 309.
I downloaded it from the AVG web site and it landed on my desktop, not having any options as to where I wanted it to go.
I then had to drag it into the AVG Update folder.

There must be a simpler way when downloading from the web site - can anyone tell me it please?

Also how do you tell which number it is eg 309, 312 on the web site as they use file reference numbers.

Thanks in advance.

  john-232317 13:09 30 Aug 2003

Just keep trying on the update manager, it always works when its ready.

I set mine to download at 6 o/c every day but the last 2 times it has missed them, probably very high traffic.Just try a few times and you should get them.

  lindyloo4 13:19 30 Aug 2003

I have mine set to 7pm and also regularly manually try update manager. This is the first time I've had any problems though.

  terminus 16:36 30 Aug 2003

I don't use AVG anymore but if my memory serves me right downloading upates from the Czech site option is usually easier.

  palinka 17:22 30 Aug 2003

lindyloo4 - My AVG seems to have set itself to the Cz site, and I've not had any problems downloading. Mine downloads & installs without me doing anything apart from clicking on Install; can't remeber what settings are needed to do this, but I'll check.

  Djohn 17:58 30 Aug 2003

Don't know if this may be the same, but I had a similar problem after downloading the "Blaster" patch from M/S. Found the best way was to remove AVG from system, download a fresh copy and it now works fine again. Also from AVG control panel there should only be the option to download from CZ site. The . com site was removed from AVG 6 some time back. j.

  palinka 17:59 30 Aug 2003

lindyloo4, I just open AVG, click on Service, then Update, then From Internet. Then qwhen it's finsished downloading it displays a window with an Install button. And that's it. Can't think why yours landed on your desktop.

  lindyloo4 18:26 30 Aug 2003

Thanks all. I've not had this problem before as I've always been able to download straight from update manager like palinka. If it continues I'll do as Djohn has suggested.

Thanks again

  Bandy 00:28 31 Aug 2003

Apart from the problem of usimg the update manager it seems that the main problem is saving the file in the right place.

When downloading the update file from the AVG site, and you take the save option, just tell it to save directly to the update folder rather than the desktop.

  lindyloo4 08:08 31 Aug 2003

That was the problem - I had no option.

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