problems with ATI Radeon Graphics cards and LCD mo

  agroforester 14:50 22 Jan 2009

I have just pieced together a new system based on an ASUS P5QC motherboard. Taking advice from the suppliers, I added an ASUS ATI-AMD Radeon HD4670 Graphics card.
I also included 2 new 19" monitors; one for the new system; one for this Dell sff desk-top.

The big problem that I have is that I cannot apply "maintain aspect ratio" from the Graphics card.
One LCD is an ASUS widescreen; the other a Hannspree widescreen.
The ASUS works on this Dell providing 2 conditions are met :
1) The option "maintain aspect ratio" is toggled in the Graphics facility in Control Panel ordinary Intel card).
2) The menu option on the ASUS LCD is ticked to allow 4:3 aspect ratio. The result is OK with the expected black rectangles on each side of the display. No problem there.

When tried on the new system with the ATI-AMD GPU, this option on the ASUS LCD is greyed out and cannot be selected.

The Hannspree works on neither system. Whatever resolution may be selected, it simply fills its screen accordingly, but will not presnt any option for 4:3 aspect ratio.

The outcome is that all normal computer use is stretched laterally and is unacceptable. I could, if I wanted, repel invaders from the planet Zarkon; but I cannot draw a decent circle (say) and have it print truly.

One reason the Zarkonians are easy to defeat has just occurred to me : they object to being stretched laterally...I guess it gives them a headache.


I do not use the system for gaming; but do need 2 facilities :
a) Graphics (in the old meaning of the word) mainly with photoshop. Also on-screen design. I need the display to approximate as closely as possible to the print-out.

The other use is for normal dvd viewing via a projector and wall-screen for the family.
I am an ecologist; not much of a computer literato. My immediate graphics need is to handle 25-years' worth of (mainly) slide imagery from rain-forest projects and get them archived for use in presentations, some posters, etc. etc.
I know that I have been badly advised and have been led into buying a gaming GPU.

Qu. What card would the experts out there recommend please to do the graphics job and let me use the monitor in the normal way when I need to.
I understand that (some ?)NVidia systems will allow this, but am not sure of my ground.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  Stuartli 15:10 22 Jan 2009

Your graphics card is stated to have excellent 2D and 3D performance in this review:

click here

Perhaps taking advantage of the dual monitor outputs may help, configuring each for a particular task?

  agroforester 15:52 22 Jan 2009

Thanks for responding Stuart li,
I do not doubt that the card gives excellent performance; but for what ? Mainly gaming, including 3d. I think.

My problem is that I cannot configure either of the 2 monitor outputs to do the simple thing and give me 4:3 aspect ratio when I need, for example, now.
It is like spending days comparing the qualities, demerits of a new car and, having decided on one, being told by the salesman "sorry, we only have the kind with oval'll get used to it !". It simply didn't occur to me that this could be an issue.
Thanks anyway.

  Stuartli 17:03 22 Jan 2009

As you state that you took advice from the suppliers, it could be argued that the graphics card is not fit for purpose.

There's little support available for Hannspree monitors; this is all I could find:

click here

Note the bit about video cables under Troubleshooting.

If you have Vista, see the link for this OS re drivers.

  agroforester 17:29 22 Jan 2009

Thanks for taking the trouble.
I do note what they are saying about cables; and it does make sense.

The op. system is xp (sp 3)

My main problem is, I think, with the card. Until that is resolved, I cannot be certain about the Hannspree 19 "monitor. It does seem significant to me that it wouldn't allow image resizing even on a system that I know could do it with the ASUS 19".

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