Problems with aol8 and xp home

  kayr 22:59 27 Jun 2003

Has anybody out there had this specific problem with aol8? I have a 2.66 P4 with 512 mb memory and g4 Ti 4200 graphics card. My set up works fine with Aol7 but as you do I have tried to upgrade to Aol8. With 8 my computer hangs up and will not close down forcing me to turn it off at the rear power switch, there is no reset button. Additionally with 8 loaded windows media player fails to load and work as peviously. Removing 8 restores the functionality to my system. As usual only respoonse from Tech support is to unistall and reinstall aol which I have done and make sure you have latest drivers and windows updates which I have.

  Djohn 00:02 28 Jun 2003

There are still a few teething problems with version 8. It's been called back for bete testing a couple of times in the past month!

We where asked to download the model number prior to the one you are using so that we could carry out more test.

Stick with it though if you can, it should soon be sorted. Meanwhile try deleting your "Global.Org files" and re-booting. AOL will replace these files automatically.

Also try the members message board, plenty of information and live on-line help there. Regards. j.

I had the same probs kayr, i just went back to Aol7. Anyone else had probs with 8? and how did u get it working?

  ahales42 02:23 28 Jun 2003

i was a beta tester for aol8.using xp pro. had one prob with zone alarm pro but was sorted in the next download. if aol7 works for you then stick with it. you are not missing much. aol9 is coming out at the end of the year.More probs. lol

  Fateful Shadow 10:50 28 Jun 2003

I'm using XP Home and I've been using AOL 8.0 for about a month now. There haven't been any major problems.

The worst thing would probably be that I can't close AOL correctly sometimes. I have to ctrl-alt-del it to work!

ahales42, thanks for the info on AOL 9.0. I wonder how many more posts this forum will get about that...

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