Problems again - re Converting .avi files to DVD

  AroundAgain 22:16 05 May 2013

Hi Guys

My apologies for seeking help, yet again, on this subject.

I've just tried to convert, save as iso and then burn to DVD, as my friend brought round another video of cine film. However, I'm obviously doing something wrong, or not doing something I should because when the DVD is then put into the DVD Player, it says it's 'empty'. My friend brought some DVD-R discs for me to use and so I thought maybe it was because they were '-R' whereas mine are '+R' so tried burning the .iso to one of my DVD+R discs, which worked last time I did this but, again, as with the DCD-R disc, my DVD player says it's 'Empty'

I used FreemakeVC (Free version) to convert to .iso and saved on HDD, as before, and used Nero to burn to disc, as I did before.

I've read through the previous post ( ) and followed the instructions as I did before, so I'm completely stumped as to what I have done differently.

Can anyone suggest anything I might have missed out, or done and I shouldn't have, please?

One thing I would like to check with you is, with Nero, I burnt to disc having clicked on 'Create Data DVD' as none of the other options seemed to fit the bill. Maybe that's what I've done wrong??? If so, which option should I choose, please?

I feel such an idiot, having worked it out before, with all your help and now can't do it again. :( So sorry ...

Thanks again for any help

  rdave13 22:23 05 May 2013
  martd7 23:23 05 May 2013

Ive read your posts and indeed contributed last time,never used freemake though it looks a decent program Can you not just convert the files to dvd format in freemake,open nero express,click on the left hand side "videos\pictures" not data dvd,dvd video files,and a box opens drag your files in,choose the writing speed and click burn??

Why would you want to burn as an iso? and the reason the dvd player is saying the discs empty is because your creating a "data dvd" which is really just a back up of your files not a playable dvd

  lotvic 23:37 05 May 2013

If you are burning an .iso file then you should not be using 'Create Data DVD' option. An .iso file is different - choose the option to burn .iso to DVD.

Before you burn to DVD you can check your .iso file plays by opening it in VLC player and watching the video. VLC is a free media player from (when installing check you don't choose to also install extra free progs or a toolbar, untick those options. It's so long since I installed it I can't remember if any extras were offered or not)

  AroundAgain 23:45 05 May 2013

Thanks rdave13

I didn't really want to be downloading more software as I was successful, eventually, with what I have got. I remember I used Freemake VC and Nero.

mart7 Yes, Freemake did the job last time. Just that I can't remember what I did to get it right! (Blame age-related bad memory ;) )

I had problems last time but when I did it via creating the .iso file on the HDD and then copied it to DVD, it worked really well. However, I'm missing doing something this time as it's not working. You mentioned I shouldn't be creating 'data dvd', which is what I wondered but not sure which other option to choose.

I'm using Nero 6. Yes, old but it does me well, usually. My options are, on the Photo and Video selection, Capture Video, Play Video, Make your own DVD-Video, Make or Modify DVD-Video(VR), Make Photo Slide Show, Recode DVD-Video, Record TV Show, View Your Photos.

Maybe you, or others, can advise me as to which option I should select. I thought I used 'data DVD' last time...

Thanks, I do appreciate your help

  martd7 00:17 06 May 2013

my version of nero is 8 i would guess make your own dvd is your option,add all the converted files and click burn

  AroundAgain 00:20 06 May 2013

Thanks lotvic, I was typing as you posted, hence didn't see your response till after I posted.

On reading your post, lotvic, and having read the previous ones, it dawned on me to Google 'burning iso to dvd'. Ha! Why on earth didn't I think of that phrase in the first place? Oh, I'm so stupid, eh? No, don't answer that ;)

When I read to double click on the iso file, and Nero opened up but with a slightly different window, so I clicked 'burn' and Yay, it plays on my DVD player.

So, you may all be pleased to know, I have now actually typed out, and saved, the steps that I have taken to get the avi files to DVD and play on DVD player. As long as I can find the instructions again, I should be OK.

Thank you all so very much. You all contributed to solving my problem.

Thanks mart7 - your post notification has just dropped in. As I just mentioned, all I had to do was to double-click on the iso file. So easy once you know (or remember) how to do it, eh?

Hopefully, I can leave you in peace for a while now. Time to switch off now.

Again, thanks for all your help. I've really appreciated it.


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