Problems after Windows Update

  southpaw 21:10 13 Jun 2006

Total sick of this.

Almost every update creates one problem or another.

Just downloaded the updates and am finding sometimes a web pages shows (like this one has) or I get page not availiable (like this one has aswell!!)

It doesn't seem to be consistent on some but is on others.

Whats going on?

Any help appreciated.

  woodchip 22:18 13 Jun 2006
  southpaw 19:39 14 Jun 2006

Some of my photos in my hotmail email now don't show up.

Hi Woodchip I had read about that and haven't been downloading the Genuine Notification update only security updates.

On one hand I want a safe system but now I'm sick of the hassle that comes afterwards.

What can I do?

  Spark6 19:58 14 Jun 2006

Are you sure you haven't already downloaded the 'Genuine' update? I suspect that security updates can no longer be accessed without it!

  southpaw 20:01 14 Jun 2006

I had been using custom update and deleting it off the list before downloading.

How do I check?

  VoG II 20:08 14 Jun 2006

If you have these


yoy have WGA.

  southpaw 20:37 15 Jun 2006


All I can see is WGAnotify.txt

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:47 15 Jun 2006

Try uninstalling KB916281 and see if you get some improvement.

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