Problems after replacing CMOS Battery

  Rogmur 23:35 27 Nov 2006

Hello Forum Members

I replaced a failed CMOS Battery on my Mesh Matrix
(AMD Athlon 3000+).
The Time and date are all normal, but in System Properties/Hardware/Device Manager, I have noticed "Other Device" or Unknown Device.
When I try to check what this device is the following message appears;
ACPI\PNP B006\3&13C0B0C5&0
The Drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).

Does anyone know what on earth this mystery device could be?

My PC uses an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe mobo
512MB. And 128MB Nvidia Personal Cinema graphics card.

I do hope someone can advise.

many thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 09:23 28 Nov 2006

One option may be for you to reinstall all motherboard drivers and see what the result is.

  FatboySlim71 09:25 28 Nov 2006

I have had a look on Google and they was not a lot of information I could find out but you could try uninstalling all the USB devices in the device manager, as most of the information I found made a mention of this, you can do this by the following method,

Go into the device manager and scroll down to "UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS" click the plus symbol, then do this with all the devices that are shown in the UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS part, right click then select uninstall from the menu, when you have done this with all the devices shown in the UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS part, you then need to restart your PC, Windows should then find and install all the devices you have just uninstalled, when everything has finished installing again, go back into your device manager and check to see if "Other Device or Unknown Device" is still shown.

  gudgulf 10:10 28 Nov 2006

By changing the battery you will have cleared the CMOS and reloaded all the motherboard default settings.

This may have re-enabled one of the "on-board" devices that you don't normally use.If that needs third party drivers not included within Windows you will get the Unknown Device error.

Typical things could be on-board sound if you are using a seperate sound card or an ethernet controller amongst others.

You can either boot into the BIOS settings and go through all the on-board devices to see what is running that you don't use or follow the suggestion by Diodorus Siculus and reinstall all the motherboard drivers.

Once the correct driver is picked up the New Hardware Wizard will identify up the device and install it.

  Rogmur 00:49 29 Nov 2006

Many thanks

to Diodorus Siculus, FatboySlim71 and Gudgulf.

I will try out your suggestions.

Hopefully it will sort out the issue.

Kind regards


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