Problems after RAM upgrade

  claluc 13:28 10 Oct 2006

I have an Evesham Axis 2400+Nvidia Ge Force with 512MB PC2100 DDR RAM and Win XP Home, which is used as as secondary machine off the internet and mostly for gaming only.
Until the other day the amount of RAM shown in System properties was 512MB, after trying installation of a game requiring 512 MB it went to show 448MB only.
Bought a 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM module from PC World Component shop and installed in slot 3 of MoBo (only 3 slots available. Yes I checked compatibility, strapped on, earthed etc...
At switching on PC never booted up, showing a screen with lots of messages and options.
Supposing a problem I removed the module and returned everything in its original state.
Since then at Win startup get message "System recovered from a serious error" and also machine restarts itself randomly without warnings.
This can happen once a day or not at all for days.
When working though everything is fine.
Help much appreciated.

  Jak_1 14:32 10 Oct 2006

I'm just wondering why on earth you bought PC2700 DDR RAM and not PC2100 DDR RAM. The PC2700 DDR RAM will only work at the speed of the PC2100 if at all, and not as in your case it seems!
How old is the PC and did you check the max RAM for the mobo?
As for the machine randomly re-booting by itself is sugestive of the PSU failing.

  woodchip 14:44 10 Oct 2006

you'll need to read the manual, to see what each slot takes.

  xania 16:50 10 Oct 2006

May seem obvious, but I assume your existing 512 MB is spreadove slots 1 and 2 which is why you're using slot 3 for the next DIMM?

  claluc 18:47 11 Oct 2006

Thanks for the response so far.
PC is 3 and 1/2 years old.
I did check with the very efficient (as usual) Evesham Tech support about upgrading and below is their reply, which will also answer questions on the size RAM the MoBo can take.

The PC has a pair of DDR DIMMS PC2100 Nanya chips fitted. These are Non-ECC.

You can add individual DIMMS although they do work best in matched pairs. Each slot can take up to 1GB.

I went for PC2700as the 2100 was not available and after being reassured by the guy at PC World that this would work anyway, I know from many posts here that RAM is usually backwards compatible.

The MoBo has only three slots, the original RAM was fitted in 1 and 3, I initially installed the new one in the free one between them and that is when mayhem happened at power up.
Then moved original modules in 1 and 2 and fitted new one in 3.
This time Windows started ok, but system only recognised 704Mb present ( where do those 64 Mb disappear?)
Problem was that after a few minutes the PC began restarting itself every few minutes, so I decided to remove the new module and return everything as originally found.
Problems described in the thread began then.
I think the restart problem due to failing PS would be too much a coincidence?

  Totally-braindead 19:20 11 Oct 2006

Normally when a PC doesn't show the full amount of memory, ie you have 512mb but only 448mb shows, it is due to the onboard graphics using the remaining 64mb. You say the PC is used for gaming so I'm a bit puzzled as to that as I presume you have a seperate graphics card.
It may cloud the issue but theres no harm in looking, go to Crucial and use the Crucial Memory Scanner and see what it says click here

  claluc 22:49 11 Oct 2006

I don't have a separate graphics card, this used to be my main pC that I passed on to my junior when I bought another one.
Done the Crucial memory scan and yes it advised a 256Mb PC2700 as well.
Just went to PC World for cost, was much much cheaper.

  Totally-braindead 00:01 12 Oct 2006

The memory you have bought is either faulty or is the wrong type for the motherboard I think. Perhaps your motherboard is fussy about the parity or something.
I can only assume the startup problem has corrupted part of windows and suggest you goto START, RUN and type SFC /SCANNOW and see if that identifies any corrupt files.

  beeuuem 00:58 12 Oct 2006

The norm, as I understand it, is to put the largest RAM (512Mb) in slot 1 and the 2 - 256Mb in slot 2 and 3.
click here

  beeuuem 01:01 12 Oct 2006

Ignore me I'm going to sleep - must put brain in gear ( and read info properly!) before engaging fingers!

  claluc 21:32 15 Oct 2006

Have tried this but doesn't work. I mean after I click ok the field disappears and nothing happens.
is there a space either side of /?

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