Problems after Microsoft security update

  Dobba 12:09 25 Sep 2003

I have the following problems with my computer:-
1) Warning messages on booting - "Memory access violation. Kernel 32 8266:4273693 and 8566:53362483
2) The computer is slowing down almost to a standstill.
3) However many times I try to go back using "System Restore" it always tells me that it is not possible to restore at the date I indicate (several dates tried).
I think that these problems all stem from the same cause - about 14 days ago, I got a message from Microsoft about a security update which I downloaded. Reference Windows KB 824105
Since when, all the above problems have been happening.
I can find no way to remove this download and as I've said, I can't go back before it because System Restore does not appear to be working.
Anybody got any ideas? I don't think its a virus problem as I have Norton anti virus (up to date) running all the time.
Alan H.

  pinka 12:12 25 Sep 2003

you should be able to remove the update in add or remove programs

  alcudia 12:13 25 Sep 2003

click here

Does this look likely

  MAJ 12:24 25 Sep 2003

Sounds like the SWEN virus, Dobba. Get the removal tool from here http://[email protected] (remove the space before "securityresponse" and paste into your address bar.

Don't forget to turn off System Restore before running the removal tool.

  expertec 13:25 25 Sep 2003

Dobba, click here this is MAJ's link

MAJ, use TinyURL click here

  MAJ 14:34 25 Sep 2003

Cheers expertec, I must keep that handy. :-)

  Dobba 10:57 26 Sep 2003

Yes, it was the W32.Swen virus and a nasty little fellow it is too.
Norton anti virus won't run and I can't get into Docs and settings and Windows claims not to be able to find the path to the removal tool, even though it is definitely there.
Any ideas as to how to get round this little lot?

  MAJ 11:06 26 Sep 2003

You're right! For some reason, Norton Anti-Virus hasn't been working.
Ive downloaded the removal tool but I can't get into it, neither can I get into Docs & Settings and other exe files. Presumably this is to do with the virus. Norton anto Virus isn't working either
Any ideas?

Hi Alan, go to click here and do the free online virus scan, it should remove Swen for you.

  Pesala 12:35 26 Sep 2003

Just bumping this up to the top for the benefit of others. If you check the resolved button, you will stop getting emails.

  Dobba 19:23 28 Sep 2003

Things go from bad to worse. I ran Norton anti virus which told me I had three files contaminated with W32Swen. I downloaded the FixSwen tool from Norton, but something (presumably the virus) won't let my computer recognise it. I get message "Windows cannot find C:\Docs & Settings\FixSwen.exe". I am also getting similar messages when I try to get into other programmes and it looks as though something (presumably the virus) is preventing access to most of my "exe" files. The bottom tray now only shows three or four programmes, whereas there are usually more than a dozen.My e-mails are also unobtainable at the moment for the same reason.
Strangely, when I ran Norton again today, it told me that I have no viruses! It's possible that Norton has fixed part of the problem but I still need to find out how to get access to my "exe" files again.
Any ideas folks?

  MAJ 19:55 28 Sep 2003

Hi Dobba, got your email stating what said in your last post. I'm going to refer you back to that Symantec link I posted earlier (with the help of expertec) for the removal tool, Quote:

"Note: If the worm has already executed, and you have deleted or quarantined the worm's files using your Symantec antivirus product, the tool will not run due to the changes made to the registry. If this happens on a Windows NT/200/XP system, follow these additional steps:

a. Start Windows Explorer.
b. Click View > Options (Windows NT) or Tools > Folder Options (Windows 2000/XP).
c. Click the View tab.
d. Uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types." Click Yes if you see a warning dialog box.
e. Click Apply, and then click OK.
f. Right-click the FixSwen.exe file, and then click Rename. Rename it to FixSwen.cmd. Confirm the renaming, if prompted.
h. Double-click the FixSwen.cmd file, and then continue with the steps."

Go back to that page, Dobba and follow those instructions, the tool needs to run so that it can clear the registry of any rogue entries that might be blocking access to your exe files. Read the instructions through thoroughly see if it helps. Don't forget to disable System Restore.

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