Problems after installing new modem

  Fogey 17:58 06 Jul 2004

A couple of months ago I installed a new modem.
When I restarted the computer it would not boot up, the monitor just kept flashing up the message "off in 5 seconds", the hard drive light was on permanently, and the DVD-ROM and the CD-RW drive lights kept cycling on and off. I had no error messages or beeps.
At this time I could not use the power button or the reset button on the front of the computer, I could only switch off at the wall socket.

I enlisted the help of friend who diagnosed a faulty graphics card, and we fitted an old Ati Rage 11c. The original card was a GeForce 4 mx440, 18 months old.
After a couple of false starts the computer started and now works ok as long as it is not interfered with.
I did try removing the modem but the problem was still there.
I would like to upgrade the graphics card again.
I have tried a couple of cards that are known to be good, but encounter the same problem, even refitting the Ati Rage 11c is problematic but once it starts it's ok.

The new modem is very good.
System as follows

Win 98se
Pentium 111/500
320 MB ram
QDI Brilliant 1 Motherboard
18 Gb HDD
Dynamode Intel chipped v92 modem
Creative SB live audio.
ViewSonic 19" CRT monitor.

Everything was fine until I started messing again, any ideas would be appreciated

  Dorsai 18:32 06 Jul 2004

What Motherboard have you got?

  Dorsai 18:34 06 Jul 2004

Sorry, going blind..QDI...anyone got the phone number for a good optician?

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