Problems after formatting harddrive?

  Pryce 16:38 22 Feb 2004

My Xerox printer disk installs and will test print but I cannot print anything else, the message is the driver is missing.My computer is Win ME/Fujitsu Siemens T/Bird, printer is Xerox Docuprint M750, have been using it very successfully for over 2 years before (the format). Cannot install my camera either, Kodak EZ200, digital, and have used this item for about 8 months with no problems either, can anyone help? Am a latecomer to PC usage but love using mine, just when things go wrong I get really frustrated not knowing where to turn. Have downloaded drivers from Manufacturers sites in case mine were damaged but although they appear to load neither item will work.

  [email protected]@m 16:44 22 Feb 2004

No need to get frustrated because you've now turned here! First, did you format, and why? Because of a problem?

  [email protected]@m 17:02 22 Feb 2004

By email

I was having major problems, frequent crashes for different programs, lots of messages stating stuff like problems in kernel 32.dll, many many more, when I spoke to the help line several times I was eventually advised the problems were serious and the only avenue left was to format ,wipe clean and start from scratch. So that is what I did. Pryce

Please reply in the forum.

Seems your PC is not very well!

Starting with the printer, in Control Panel, open Printers, Add a Printer. Follow the Wizard, and click 'Have Disk' when prompted. Tell us what happens.

  Pryce 17:08 22 Feb 2004

Insert CD, green screen with instructions comes up, followed precisely, click finish, go into Word request print document, message says no printer installed, have tried asking for scaned picture to print same result. Pryce

  [email protected]@m 17:38 22 Feb 2004

Oh dear! I have to cook dinner, will return after 19.00 to see if any one has been able to help.

  Pryce 17:42 22 Feb 2004

Thanks for bothering, will have to close now too, cannot come back till Monday, will check then, Pryce

  LastChip 17:47 22 Feb 2004

If you Right Click My Computer and select Properties; Device Manager; Now expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" entry and take a look at "Printer Port LPT1".

Does it have any signs of not being installed properly? For example, a Yellow Exclamation Mark or Red Cross?

  LastChip 17:56 22 Feb 2004

I have just looked at your printer and it appears it is USB.

click here for the official version of how to make sure your USB drivers are loaded.

If you have a motherboard with a VIA chip-set and you haven't loaded the VIA drivers, the chances are your USB ports are not working. The link above explains. But please return if you need more specific help.

  [email protected]@m 19:38 22 Feb 2004

I see the camera is also USB. That would certainly point to a USB problem.

click here for some help.

  R4 19:51 22 Feb 2004

When you re loaded your system after format did you load the Motherboard drivers (like mini-port and bridge controllers) ?

  Pryce 16:57 23 Feb 2004

Hello there, have been all day trying the suggestions you made, most I had already tried, none of them makes the printer. The USB ports are all working well, I have 2 original and a 4 hub added, my scanner, optical mouse, ISDN line and now the camera are all working, and will work from any of the 6. The printer whether loaded as serial port or usb, will self test, will print test page but will not print from any other program. I tried ringing Xerox this afternoon and was told if printer is out of warranty then it will cost me 25 euros fot tech help. Not sure how much that is in real money but there is no guarantee they can sort the problem then, will have to check my warranty and if it is ended then it will probably mean buying new, Mothers Day will be here soon perhaps my offspring will get together and do something instead of flowers! Thanks for the help you gave me will close now At least you have convinced me that I'm not as thick as I was beginning to feel. Pryce

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