Problems after defragging using Windows 98SE

  OJH 20:49 24 Jan 2003

I'm now finding I can't shut down properly [restart is okay though], hot plug USB cables [okay if peripheral already connected at boot up]
or open Word attachments from Outlook Express.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

Any solutions/suggestions appreciated?

PS. I've tried a search in the archive and had no result

OJH: Although defrag often speeds up a system, I generally avoid running the application bundled with Windows. You may be better off using another vendor such as Norton Utilities. Since I have had similar problems, I did the following to solve the immediate problem and prevent future ones: (1) Reinstall Windows; this will not require that you reload everything else. When you look your installation disk, look to see if it has something like, "repair missing or damaged files." My guess is that defrag moved some operating files that Windows can no longer find, and they may need to be installed to their preferred location. (2) The cost of hard drives is lower than ever before. I suggest installing a second hard drive to your system and then use a cloning program like Norton Ghost to run frequent backups of your main drive. I copy all the contents of my C: drive every day. Then, if I have a problem like the one you're experiencing, I can restore the backup. Good luck, hope this helps -- Matt

  bof:) 14:44 25 Jan 2003

hi OJH,

not too sure what it is you are after but if you need to check out system files, goto run and type in sfc (this is sytem file checker). Follow instructions to search for missing or corrupted files.

You will need your windows 98se cd rom in your cd rom drive.


  OJH 16:37 26 Jan 2003

Thanks Matt and Mike for your suggestions. I'll give them ago and let you know how I get on.



  database 22:41 26 Jan 2003

Try to download a trial of diskeeper to try its faster than windows and it stops all thos problems after defrag.There is a patch available from microsoft for this problem good look

  database 22:41 26 Jan 2003

Try to download a trial of diskeeper to try its faster than windows and it stops all thos problems after defrag.There is a patch available from microsoft for this problem good look

  OJH 17:53 09 Feb 2003

It looks like I've solved the problem by using System Configuration Utility in win 98 (Accessories/System Tools/System Information/Tools)

I selected selective start-up in the general tab and through a process of elimination was able to pin point the offending file. It took a couple of hours because I had to keep restarting for each change I made.

But it is well worth the effort. Now thankfully everything appears to be working fine. Thanks again for your support Matt and Mike. Just having someone to bounce these problems off is a great help.

To guard against this most inconvenient problem occurring again I do need to set up a better back up system. So I'm deliberating how best to do this. Your suggestion Matt (second hard drive) is quite appealing.

A chap I was walking with today (I'm in a walking club) says he's upgraded to XP and it has a feature where by if something goes wrong i.e. a file gets corrupted or a virus gets in. You can select a function that will simply restore your entire system to how it was prior to the problem starting. Sounds convenient? But what happens if windows XP itself gets corrupted and the restore function stops working? I'll do some more pondering I think.


  Ironman556 18:05 09 Feb 2003

Running Scandisk can remove the changes the Shutdown patch for 98 makes. If you get the problem again, just download and re-install the patch.

  OJH 19:26 09 Feb 2003

Thanks Database and Ironman556 for your suggestions.


  Stuartli 20:06 09 Feb 2003

I have Winn98Se and running ScanDisk has never affected any of the multitude of updates and patches I have installed over time.

Windows Defrag is very efficient as is SFC.

Easiest way to get to SFC is to go to Run>(type)SFC and then click OK.

It will then also be listed permanently in Run's drop down menu.

SFC can find and install individual or batches of files as required automatically or manually.

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