Problems with Acrobat Reader and PCA Archive CD.

  Sapins 13:00 24 Jun 2003

I have just tried to have a look at the PCA archive cd, which came with StarOffice. When I insert it Adobe Reader starts and the cd will not run. I get the following messages ? There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (9)? If I click on OK I get ?This file contains information not understood by the viewer. Suppress further errors Yes or No?, clicking either sends me back to the first message!
When I click on ?Help? the version of Adobe Reader is shown as 2.1. I have just downloaded V6.0 and installed it, I expected it to install on top of the version I had which was 4.0! When it didn?t I deleted V4.0. Where 2.1 came from I have no idea but I cannot find it via Find/files and folders or in My Computer or Windows Explorer so that I can delete it. I can get the CD to run if I open Acrobat Reader first but I thought it would go straight to the welcome screen when I inserted the disc! Any help greatly appreciated.

  Agent Smith 13:09 24 Jun 2003

Try uninstalling Acorobat 6 and reinstalling. Delete all folders associated with Acrobat reader as well.

  Bramblerose 13:09 24 Jun 2003

I have just put our copy of the archive in the pc and it runs straight away - it auto plays using Acrobat Reader (I have version 6.0) and I can click on any of the archives to read them.

Have also tried it on the kids pc and that has Acrobat Reader 4.0 on it and it autoplays on there too.

Perhaps you have a faulty disc?

  Sapins 13:22 24 Jun 2003

Agent Smith- I have just spent 1hour 26minutes downloading V6.0 if I un-install it how do I save it to re-install it? To delete the folders for Acrobat Reader what exactly do I type in Find etc:
Bramblerose- I hope its not a faulty disc, my copy of Star Office for the appraisal exercise was faulty and I couldn't take part:-( I'm beginning to suspect our post lady is throwing my post to the postbox without getting out of her van!! (I think this will post twice)

  Sapins 13:23 24 Jun 2003

It didn't :-)

  Agent Smith 15:28 24 Jun 2003

When you download a programme from the internet the dialogue box normally asks if you want to run the programme from it's current location or save it to disk. Click save to disc and then when you see the option of where to save it, save it to somewhere where you can easily find it like 'My Documents'. I create a new folder in My Docs called Downloads and save the programmes in there. Then if you have to re-install them you already have the file without having to download it again.

Deleting the Adobe file: Once you have deleted Acrobat by going into CONTOL PANEL, ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMMES, click ADOBE ACROBAT 6 and hit ADD/REMOVE button. Then open WINDOWS EXPLORER and go to PROGRAMME FILES and find the folder ADOBE and delete it. May be different for XP.

  woodchip 15:31 24 Jun 2003

Go into windows explorer and open the CD double click on year

  Sapins 17:32 24 Jun 2003

I usually save all my downloads in a folder separate from all others, why I chose to open it I don't know, must be the heat today. Thanks woodchip, I'll give your suggestion a try, it's not a big problem opening the cd it's just I prefer to have it open automatically, lazy I guess.Thanks to you all for your help, as usual you come up trumps every time.

  Sapins 18:10 24 Jun 2003

Just to let you all know, I found the folder with Acrobat Reader 2.1; it was called ?acroread? and was on ?C? drive. All pdf files where trying to open from there,I have deleted it and directed all pdf files to open with Acrobat Reader 6.0. Quite pleased with myself now :-)) Thanks again.

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