Problems with 64bit Google Chrome

  stephneedham 13:54 07 Nov 2014

Has anyone else had problems running the 64bit version of Chrome on Windows 8.1 (64bit)? I have just reverted to the 32bit version of Chrome, having found the 64bit build almost unusable - long delays when typing into the search box; dropdown menus not working and general sluggishness.

Sorry, forgot to note the version number before I uninstalled it, but it was the latest stable build.

  sunnystaines 14:11 07 Nov 2014

freezes up quiet often, especially on gmail but other webs too. i close it down in task manager and reopen that solves the problem, also running ccleaner makes it a lot more responsive and quicker just a guess but i think it has memory leaks.

  catpwss 14:13 07 Nov 2014

Hi.May I ask how did you revert back to the 32bit chrome? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:26 07 Nov 2014

No problems here using 64bit chrome latest version on windows 8.1

  stephneedham 09:28 08 Nov 2014

I reverted to 32bit by downloading the 32bit installer, uninstalling the 64bit Chrome and doing a cleanup with ccleaner and then installing 32bit Chrome.

I'll stick with 32bit Chrome for now. My laptop is getting a little long in the tooth,but I will try again maybe after having a good clean up.

Thanks for all your responses.

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