Problems with 5.1 surround sound

  simonsup 11:23 26 Sep 2003

Hi all, just brought the Creative Inspire 5.1
speakers (Inspire P580) to ugrade from my old
4.1 setup.
I have a creative soundblaster live 5.1 sound
Everything works ok except the front centre
speaker does not work. But when i click on the test speakers it works, ie, a voice says
front left, centre, front right, rear left & rear
I am using the left & right audio outputs from my
tv to the line in on the sound card.
The front & rears work ok but no centre speaker.
When i click the digital only output in the surround mixer settings then only the centre front speaker works.
I dont think there is a fault with the speakers,
I`m hoping its a setup problem.
Basically I`m trying to hear my tv in 5.1 surround sound.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
My system:
Amd athlon xp1800+ cpu
512meg of pc133 memory
Ibm deskstar harddrive
artec 48/12/48 cd burner
16x dvd rom drive
Creative Ti4200 graphics card
Creative Soundblaster 5.1 sound card
Creative Inspire P580 speakers


  Djohn 11:41 26 Sep 2003

As you have done the speaker test to establish all speakers are working, then it would seem everything is OK.

Speakers will only output sound that is fed to them from the appropriate Chanel's. If listing to a stereo recording of a song/music, then you will hear sound through only front left/right and base. DVD Movies and games that are intended to give 3,5 6, channel output will do so to to the correct speakers.

If the source is not there to start with, then it will not come through all the speakers, unless you choose, [From your sound card setup] a pseudo effect that will give surround effect even from a mono source. j.

  simonsup 12:22 26 Sep 2003

Djohn i can see where your coming from but i thought the chip on the sound card would decode
ang signal that is fed to it then output to the speakers in 5.1 or maybe I`m wrong, I`m just trying to get sound out of all 5 sats

  Tazfan 13:12 26 Sep 2003

The front speaker will only work if you have surround (fourpoint/5.1) selected on the Amp. If it is set 2 music or stereo, the center speaker will not work.

That is my experience anyway.

  Djohn 13:27 26 Sep 2003

Yes, your correct in saying that the chip will decode the Chanel's and output to as many speakers as the card supports. But if the CD you are using has only two tracks, then that is what you will hear, [Stereo] plus of course the base output. [Left/Right and sub-woofer.

Games and DVD movies have four/five/six or more channels on the disk, the card will recognise these automatically and output accordingly, including the centre speaker.

But saying this you can go into the properties of your card and you will see a tab for sound effects. [Surround sound, theatre, hall, stadium, and many more]. Choosing one of these will give you sound from all speakers, but it is an artificial mix from the card. It works well with some Cd's but I have found it best to leave with "No effects" and listen to the output from the correct amount of Chanel's that are first set out on the source CD/DVD. Regards. j.

  simonsup 15:27 26 Sep 2003

thanx everyone for your help :)

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