Problems !!!!

  GBL 19:21 24 Oct 2005

Hi I use XP pro with all the upgrades that MS has thrown at us, everything has been working fine and dandy apart from a few months ago when the onboard sound played up and I ended up installing a Sound Blaster card which I had laying around. One or two hickups but nothing too serious until this morning, it would not boot up, when it had nearly finished it locked up, so after a minute or so I rebooted, then it went round and round, almost completing then it would reboot itself. I noticed a quick message about a secondary 80 cable or something, not being connected, yet everything was.

The only way I can get it to boot is to put in the XP pro disc, where is obviously reads serveral files from it etc.I have to leave it in the drive.
I cannot reinstall as it tells me that I am running a newer version than the disc.Probably down to all the upgrades.

Then I realised that everything that is installed on the onboard USB ports would not work, so I have had to put them all onto a USB card which i had installed.

Does this sound like the Mainboard is on its way, if not any suggestions??

If I have to change the mainbaord I do not really want the expense of a new processor etc.

  [email protected]® 19:28 24 Oct 2005

Please tell us the make and model of the mobo and processor.

  GBL 20:20 24 Oct 2005

It is a Matsonic MS8147C series mainboard with the VIA KT400/A chipset socket A.

Not sure on the processor I will have to check further on that.

  Wuggy 20:58 24 Oct 2005

Before you start thinking about new MOBO's and as you are getting a message about 80 pin cable not connected (one of your IDE ribbon cables) it might be worthwhile opening up the case and physically removing and reseating ALL connections, including memory chips, ide cables, video card etc. Hopefully that will at least rule out the problem of 'creep' in the component connections.

  GBL 21:11 24 Oct 2005

Have done that with the cables at least, which seemed to get rid of that message, but it does flash by quickly at the start.

All drives are recognised now, like I said before I had to put them into the USB card though.

This is why I wondered about the board.

Has been in about three years if my memory is correct.

  GBL 21:19 24 Oct 2005

The Processor is an AMD Athlon XP 2500 1.8ghz

  woodchip 21:58 24 Oct 2005

The only 80 cable that should be on you computer is a 80 Wire EIDE ribbon cable. This may be faulty. try swaping ribbon cables to see if it will boot

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:52 24 Oct 2005

1. check IDE cable to HDD not loose at HDD or motherboard end.

2. Swap with cable to CD drives

3. check bios is set to auto detect HDD

  GBL 08:58 25 Oct 2005

1. done that, all is OK
2. done that all is OK
3. done that too.

The only way to boot up is to leave the CD in the drive. Have have to reinstal drivers to printer and zip drive.

  woodchip 11:27 25 Oct 2005

Then the MBR need putting right. You can do that by starting with XP CD at the Prompt type FIX/MBR or FIXMBR Try it different ways also FIX /MBR

  GBL 14:50 25 Oct 2005

I take it that I change the bios to boot from the CD, then take it from there.

Strange how it can go from working perfectly to have missing files.

I will give it a try a bit later and report back.

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