Problematic disk clean up advice in May PCA?

  john bunyan 18:14 28 Mar 2010

On page 95 of the May PCA , in the penultimate paragraph, it is suggested to save space on your Hard drive "if you keep most of your music files on your iPod, delete them from your PC"
This is very dangerous advice, as although it is possible (as is shown in the "Expert tip") most folk auti synch their iPods an if you delete the tunes from the HD it is possible the auto synch will wipe them from the iPod. You would have to have many thousands of MP3's to take up sigificant space in modern PCs - most people only have less than 15 gig of MP3's.
In fact it would have been wiser to reccomend not only keeping the tunes on the PC but to make one or more back ups on other drives or even on DVD's.

  ame 18:31 28 Mar 2010

I agree - pity there is no feedback to editor section on this site. I have noticed errors etc in articles and reviews but there is no proper way of pointing them out- or is there?

  john bunyan 18:33 28 Mar 2010

I put it in "Helproom" as that was the heading on p94. I assume Fe etc reads these postings.

  ame 18:51 28 Mar 2010

So there is - never been that far down before. Doh!!

  Paul-1379466 19:45 28 Mar 2010

My extensive downloaded music collection is on my PC & 4 external drives, one kept at an alternate location. This thread is one good reason for buying CD's & ripping them, you will always have a hard backup.

  john bunyan 19:52 28 Mar 2010

I have a removble slave drive to which I clone my primaray and I do an image and data back up two external back ups plus I occasionally burn a data DVD or two. So many times here and elsewhere you hear of people whose HD has gone down with no back up.

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