Problem in zonealarm program control

  Bruz 12:08 05 Jul 2010

I have found 3 executable files listed in zonealarm program control that are made up of all numbers, 26457828.exe, 3004523853.exe & 562131650.exe.
Can anyone tell me what they are?
I have searched all my hard drives and they do not appear to be on my PC.
I have blocked them from using the internet.

  gardener 12:27 05 Jul 2010

I don't know what they are but I would keep them blocked from internet access. If you then have a problem with any program accessing the internet (e.g auto-updates) it may well be one of these exes that needs permission.
If you right-click on the exe and click 'properties' it should show you where they reside on your system and various other bits of info about them.

  Bruz 12:43 05 Jul 2010

Thank you for your reply but they are in zonealarm program control and any right click just brings up add or remove program.
It could be some thing to do with Windows 7.
I will just monitor them.
Thanks again Bruz

  gardener 13:50 05 Jul 2010

The reason you cannot find them on the computer might be that they've already been uninstalled. The annoying thing about ZoneAlarm is that it doesn't delete from it's list programs that are no longer on the copmuter.

  gardener 13:51 05 Jul 2010

That should read 'computer'.

  Bruz 17:02 05 Jul 2010

Thanks again I will leave them alone for now and if nothing comes of that I will delete them.
Thanks again

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