problem with zonealarm

  iarno 21:04 21 Dec 2003

I have just installed zonealarm and now i keep getting a popup saying 'iexplore has caused an error in unkown> iexplore will now close' which it does. I'm on win me oem with all updates on dell machine 2 years old. does anyone know why this is happening. thanks in advance.

  howard60 21:09 21 Dec 2003

try clicking on zone alarm and telling it to update. This may just clear it.

  iarno 21:18 21 Dec 2003

have tried the update twice and it cut off both times. it has also cut off twice more since posting this thread. will try again. thank you.

  howard60 21:49 21 Dec 2003

if you have xp or me try system restore and go back to before you installed zone alarm and see if everything is ok - if so make a new restore point and try downloading again. I swear by za and have never had it misbehave.

  sattman 22:18 21 Dec 2003

It could be sheer coincidence but I have noticed a real improvement on my computor since I uninstalled Zone Alarm it has faster access and has stopped the unexplained programme/computor lock ups. Windows restore started to create restore points again and Norton AV auto updates came back up, I was having to install manually

A very real bonus and one that I can not explain is in that the computor now again runs much quieter most of the time and I only hear the fan on boost as it is intermitantly kicks the drive into action (At least that is what I assume it is doing)

  iarno 22:20 21 Dec 2003

sorry for delay in getting back. I have managed to get the update installed. so far so good. will give it a bit of time to see if it behaves befor ticking. thanks very much wether i get back or not i wish you a very merry christmas ian

  iarno 22:29 21 Dec 2003

thanks for your notes. Ican not understand why i get these popups. I have AVG installed and spy bot. thanks again and very merry xmas.

  iarno 22:43 21 Dec 2003

Seems the problem is still with me just had 'iexplore has caused an error in <unknown> iexplore will now close' .

  hugh-265156 22:47 21 Dec 2003

may or may not help you but try

click here

  hugh-265156 22:49 21 Dec 2003

oh and are you using IE6?

if not get it click here

  iarno 23:03 21 Dec 2003

yes i am using IE6. will have a look at your other sugestion thanks

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