Problem with XP and broadband: no DHCP

  SparkyMarky 16:47 02 Jul 2003

Hello! Hope you can help. I've just bought a new computer, and when I plugged the ethernet cable from by set-top broadband into the motherboard ethernet socket, everything went swimmingly. Then I added a PCI ethernet card from my old PC for my network, and that went fine. And then suddenly, yesterday, I lost all email connections and internet (it still works on the old PC, BTW). Running ipconfig in a DOS window and trying to refresh the connection gives me errors; or I get an IP of There seems to be a problem with the DHCP thingy. I suspect that it may be an OS problem, rather than hardware, but I've reset the system restore point back to how it was when the machine arrived, and it *still* doesn't work. Any suggestions, you clever people??? :)
cheers in advance

  Psiman 17:13 02 Jul 2003

Wow, many questions spring to mind. Did you disable your on-board ethernet card when you added the PCI net card?
Reading between the lines you are running a DSL modem rather than a router. Right or wrong?
You can't really mess with DHCP to cause you this sort of problem.
I agree this does indicatate a setup (software) problem. Any more details you could offer the Forum.

  SparkyMarky 17:52 02 Jul 2003

Hiya Psiman - God, you're quick!!!
Yup, it's a set-top box cable modem with an ethernet cable, rather than a router. No, I installed the PCI card before setting everything up (I was copying all my settings over from the old PC with the Migration Wizard) since I need it for my home network.
What sort of stuff from me would help you? I could paste in all the gubbins that I get when I try ipconfig and its variants from a DOS prompt, if that'd help...?

  Psiman 18:22 02 Jul 2003

Still trying to get to grips with this. Upto a point you had your net up and running with you new PC and grafted in ethernet PCI card from your old PC.

OK then you had a failure. Have you done the simple stuff like running XP net wizard?

  SparkyMarky 21:11 02 Jul 2003

Hi Beta and Psiman
Well, for no very good reason, it seems the Internet Fairies have decided to come back to visit me. I had a look at the stuff that Beta's link was to - very informative, I must say - and then did exactly what I'd done before: removed the extra ethernet card, reset the restore point right back to the start - and bingo!! Suddenly it all worked!!! So I've no idea *what* was wrong, but at least it isn't any more! Hmph!!! Not that I'm complaining... :)) But thanks for your efforts and tips, guys (and/or gals!).


  Despicable Desperado 21:30 02 Jul 2003

Have a sneaking suspicion that your thoughts are correct - DHCP screwing up. Using your onboard NIC your BB worked. Add a second NIC it stopped. Your BB modem will issue an IP address to the NIC it is plugged into but will not be able to issue one to the other card - this I think is where the problem lies. Try manually assigning an IP address to the second card (in the 10.0.0.x range as expect your modem will assign a 192.168.x.x to the onboard NIC). You will also have to manually assign an IP in the same range for the other PC(s) on your network. You will then have to setup ICS to enable the other PCs to connect to the Web etc. Your best bet would be to buy Router (one with a Wan port and some LAN ports - usually four. An example is the DLink DI707P (see click here). There are a number of others manufacturer - Netgear, 3Com - and they make setting up a local network with internet access a breeze.

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