problem writing to btinternet/yahoo addresses

  palinka 16:18 17 Feb 2010

Almost a year ago I discovered that emails sent from my domain name to a friend with a btinternet address were not arriving; then I discovered that they went straight into the trash or the spam folder, in his webmail. If they went into Spam, they were deleted from there by BT after a fixed time; so my friend never knew that I had written to him.
So OK, btinternet doesn’t like domain names; but it doesn’t like my real email address either ( Perhaps because it’s associated with my domain name?
If I send emails from my Pipex address those too are treated as spam/trash.
A year ago there were only a few btinternet addresses in my contacts list; since then BT has done a lot of advertising and as a result there are now far more.
Almost all my friends with btinternet addresses fail to receive my emails - until I (or they) have spent time sorting out their Webmail & teaching it that emails from me are OK.
And by helping some of these people I’ve discovered that it isn’t just MY emails that don’t arrive. – many other people’s emails go into webmail Trash; in some cases it’s more than 50% of their incoming emails that are sent into the webmail Trash folder. Even incoming mails from another btinternet account are sent into trash! – even when the subject matter was simply the agenda for a council meeting (so nothing that could possibly be interpreted as trash/spam).
By means of the Options>mail options> filters in my neighbour’s webmail I have been marking those email addresses to be delivered into the Inbox, but we regularly find that next time they still end up in Trash.
We can put those addresses into the contacts list…….but the result is the same – still into Trash.
And emails from any NEW address are sent into trash. So when a btinternet user writes to me for the first time, and I reply, I KNOW they will not receive my email.
Meanwhile most Spam is also sent into Trash , not into Spam – even the most obvious, the sellers of viagra (and this is in spite of long ago setting up a filter that emails containing that word are spam.)
Has anyone found a solution to all this? I’m sure the problem is not confined to just me and my friends.
But you may be unaware of it because by default Spam is deleted for ever after a month, without notifying you; and maybe btinternet does the same - or similar - with Trash. When I started a thread in Consumerwatch on this subject I had only one reply – from someone who said he didn’t have the problem and clearly thought it wasn’t a problem, because if genuine emails are classed as spam “it's easy to tell the spam filter that they're genuine.”. No, not with btinternet it isn’t.
But the nature of this problem is that unless you check your btinternet webmail very frequently you may not know that you have the problem.
This issue is taking hours of our time.
There is no problem with any other ISP – and I regularly correspond with people with a wide range of ISPs
Who can I - as a non-user of btinternet - contact about this issue?
And can anyone in this forum provide a solution, please?

  palinka 20:48 17 Feb 2010

thanks, Lazarus The 2nd; but part of the problem is that most of them have to be taught by me how to access their webmail and it's turned out to be easier for ME to access THEIR webmail to do what you suggest than to get them to do it themselves!
I'm now very familiar with the Spamguard settings!
I have to go into the webmail of one friend everyday to rescue all sorts of mail that has been sent to trash.
And it doesn't solve the problem of receiving an email from someone I've never heard from before and I can't reply to them. eg. if I advertise something on Freecycle, someone replies by email and if they have a bt address there is no way I can then contact them to complete the transaction.

  palinka 19:43 01 Mar 2010

Sorry for long silence – been rather busy; but it looks as though I have at least a part solution. And it's a BT error.
The people with the address I had difficulty emailing to were originally …@btopenworld.
When they switched to broadband their address was changed to …[email protected] - but BT said it didn’t matter which of those two addresses they used. That advice was WRONG. It DOES matter.
It’s the mail sent to … @btopenworld that is sent to trash (so much for BT’s advice to use either address). Mail to [email protected] arrives in the Inbox.
An added problem was that my friend’s emails were sent as from …. Btopenworld , so anyone clicking “Reply” was sending to THAT address and their replies went into Trash.
This doesn't account for my original problem (writing to them from a domain name) but we created a filter to cope with that.
There must be many people in a similar situation (many of them unaware of it). BT are clearly giving inaccurate information to their customers who had dial-up and switched to broadband.

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