A problem with Word

  User-542C727C-2405-4C6A-B90945D0C735856F 08:52 12 May 2005

I have installed microsoft Works Suite 2005 on my PC. Word has now gone into reduced functionallity mode and I am unable to get it to activate despite having the product key.

Any suggestions?????

  Diodorus Siculus 09:26 12 May 2005

Can you uninstall it and try a reinstall?

  ^wave^ 09:36 12 May 2005

have registered it with microsoft


Yes all registered

Diodorus siculus

Im waiting on that one incase there is something really simple that i have missed

  DieSse 11:41 12 May 2005

Do you mean you had Word installed prior to this?? Or are you talking about the version included with the Works suite??

  Eric10 12:43 12 May 2005

I think you need to bite the bullet and do as Diodorus Siculus suggests. It would appear that when you installed Works 2005 its own "updated" version of Word has overwritten your existing version. I suggest that the following method should have a good chance of success:

Uninstall Works 2005, Uninstall Word if it is still listed in Add/Remove Programs. Restart the computer in case any changes need to be written to the Registry. Install your original version of Word. Once you are happy this is working as expected, install Works but choose the Custom Install option. You should be presented with a list of components to be installed so choose everything except the Wordprocessor. If the installer follows the pattern of the other Microsoft Office products you will find an option with a red cross labelled "Not available" and this is what you want for Word. Works should now install without overwriting your own version of Word.

The works suite was installed by me onto a brand new computer, I dont remember seeing Word already onit. Although I did assume it wouldnt be and i had to install the Works Suite. Guess I had better uninstall and try again

  Eric10 14:20 12 May 2005

I think I finally understand your question. You have installed Works Suite 2005 and the Word processor has been working fine until it has suddenly lost some of its functionality. It appears that Word required activation. click here and browse down to "General problems with the Word Activation process" to see if it throws any more light on the problem.

  Djohn 16:12 12 May 2005

If it still won't activate for any reason,[That is why you have lost functions] phone Microsoft on Tel no. 0870 60 10 100. They will sort your problem immediately. :o)

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