Problem with WNASPI32.DLL

  [DELETED] 13:36 21 Oct 2003

I installed last week Norton SystemWorks 2004 and since then I can't play music back digitally in Windows Media Player. I use Nero Drive Speed and now when I try to activate it I get WNASPI32.DLL unable to initialize.

I've downloaded new WNASPI.DLL and installed it but nothing seems to work.

I have a feeling Ghost is doing this.

I also can no longer playback music from my CDRW drive.

I am using Win98SE. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

  woodchip 16:04 21 Oct 2003

You are correct in your assumption Ghost, get drive image to do the same job

  [DELETED] 10:25 22 Oct 2003

Solved using Force ASPI and ASPI Check. Everything is now working properly. Even Nero DriveSpeed which I find absolutely vital for listen to music CD without the whirr of my player in the background.

Force ASPI worked a treat. I created a folder For Force and put it in my Program Files. I then put DriveSpeed in the same folder with a shortcut on my desktop. And, my problem is solved!!!!!

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