Problem with wireless network

  Lee-262377 18:04 21 Aug 2009

I have 1 main pc with vista on connected via ethernet to cable modem on virgin 10mb fibre optic broadband. (No connection problems on its own)
I have added a laptop to the network, also on vista, both operate either separately or together.
I also have a pc upstairs running xp pro with a wireless card in it.
This will work either on its own or with the laptop, however when I try to connect the main pc with the other two or just the other pc on its own my main connection keeps dropping, i get an error message and the only way to rectify it is to unplug and replug the ethernet adaptor. This usually works for up to a minute and then i get the same story.
I have tried the virgin helpline process which involves turning all pcs off and modem and starting again from scratch one at a time but no cigar.
Any ideas anyone as i'm a bit flummoxed??

  howard64 11:12 22 Aug 2009

if this was an adsl modem I would suggest downloading the firmware update. Do not know about a cable modem but you could be overloading it. Have you tried the modem in a different position as wireless is affected by its environment. Sometimes instead of the aerial being vertical having it horizontal works. If the signal is being affected it can try to use all the bandwidth to keep connected.

  Lee-262377 15:34 22 Aug 2009

Hi, thanks for the reply, no I don't think overloading is the problem as all 3 pc's download at the same rates (i've checked the speeds). If that was the case the other 2 pc's combinations wouldn't work either, Its just the xp pc and my vista pc that won't work together.
I'm not sure what else I can do?

  bremner 15:48 22 Aug 2009

You say you have a cable modem but make no mention of a wireless router and how you have it connected.

Can you help

  Lee-262377 20:41 24 Aug 2009

yes I do have a wireless router which connects directly to the cable modem the connection goes from the wall into the cable modem, from there into the wireless router. Ethernet cable directly connected from wireless router to main pc, the other connections are simply wireless

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