Problem with Wireless Network

  Legolas 17:01 03 Jan 2006

I just bought a new laptop and Belkin Wireless G Router to wirelessly connect my Laptop with my exixting NTL Cable modem 2mb broadband connection. The setup was easy and in no time I was surfing away on my laptop, that is where the fun stopped. After about 5 mins the router dropped the connection, removing and replacing the power cable from the router reconnected me but the same problem persists after 5-10min the connection is dropped again. Anyone any ideas

  [DELETED] 17:08 03 Jan 2006

if it was a voyager wirelss router, which it is not, I could tell you, but before you go too far, have you tried moving the laptop a bit nearer the router, to see if it still plays up.

  Legolas 17:21 03 Jan 2006

The laptop is only about 6ft away so I hope this is not the cause of the problem. Further to my original post I happened to be looking at the router when it actuely dropped the connection and what appeared to happen was that the power to the router was cut and stays cut till I take out and replace the cable from the router.

  Legolas 19:29 03 Jan 2006

I changed the supplied power cable with one I had lying about and so far in the last 3/4 of an hour all has been well, so it looks like it might be a faulty power cable.

  Legolas 21:17 03 Jan 2006

Ok it looks like it was a faulty power cable so all is ok now.

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