Problem with Windows Vista Update

  Jamie5785 09:49 15 Oct 2008

Downloaded the usual load of "Patch Tuesday" updates, only to find that one of them killed the speakers on my laptop!
I have an Acer Aspire 5600 with Realtek High Definition Audio speakers. Normally, clicking on "Playback Devices" on the sound icon brings up both the speakers and the digital output. Following the update, only the digital output is recognised, and the speakers aren't there anymore, leaving me with a silent PC!
I performed a system restore and all is well again, so I'll probably have to download each patch individually until I find the specific one causing the problem.
Anyone else experienced a similar problem?

  T I M B O 10:08 15 Oct 2008

I had this same problem, but with a SONY lap top, what i did was to remove the drivers for the sound card only via the devise manager, leave the codecs the well alone, just the Realtek drivers and reboot ur computer, and hey presto the original drivers will be back, but not the updates ones lol. You can hide updates you don’t wish to do.

  Jamie5785 10:46 15 Oct 2008

Thanks for the advice Timbo. However, when I went back and reinstalled the updates one by one instead of en masse, and then rebooted, I found that the problem did not reoccur.
If I had a candidate for which one was causing the problem I would have said "Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista (KB955519)" as that would be the one that most logically might have affected video/sound drivers, so I left that until last to install but, as I said, no problem this time round.
I find it strange that the speakers would be affected if all updates were downloaded and installed at once, but not if they're installed individually.
Curiouser and curiouser!

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