Problem with Windows 7/IE9

  Hercules02 17:03 13 Jan 2012

Hello I bought my wife a laptop for Christmas. It has W7 Home edition and IE9. On certain websites we found that we get a message "Windows has stopped working" and is looking for a solution to the error/reloading the web page. This develops into a continuous loop unless you close everything down. It happens everytime (eg) the Genes Reunited website is loaded (my wife uses this a lot). Ive traced this to the Add on for Adobe Flash Player, which we also need because most video clips wont run without it. I spent about an hour looking for a solution/trying to get help support on the Microsoft help site and gave up eventually when I wasn't allowed to post a question on their forum because my Hotmail account has been hijacked to send out spam in some way! Is there any way to resolve this apart from ditching IE9? It works OK on my other Vista machine, which my wife has taken to using again instead of her new laptop. I also think its scandalous that Microsoft create so many stumbling blocks when you seek their help that you end up giving up!

  KRONOS the First 17:12 13 Jan 2012

Which version of IE9 are you using? as Windows 7 comes with the 32 and the 64 BIT versions and I believe that some people have problems with flash on the 64 BIT version.

  Hercules02 17:48 13 Jan 2012

Hello Chronus Thanks for your response. Both the laptop and my Vista desktop use the 64bit version. The desktop doesn't get the error. The laptop has the 32 bit version of IE9 as well, and this comes up with the same error.

  rdave13 18:54 13 Jan 2012

This is the latest Flash player. Install that first. In the Win 7 laptop, try resetting IE9 to default settings. Use for a while then start adding your addons a few at a time. It might be a corrupted addon. To re-set IE9 go to tools, internet options, advanced tab, and select the re-set tab.

  Hercules02 17:40 26 Jan 2012

Hello Friends Just thought Id update you. I managed to get I UK number for Micosoft support and they were very helpful. They even rang me back when I expressed concern about the cost of the telephone call during the remote support session. The problem was fixed by enabling "Use software rendering in place of GPU rendering" in IE9 Internet Options (Advanced Tab). It does seem that this is a problem with Windows 7, as you can run IE9 without this being enabled on my Vista machine and it works fine.

  rdave13 18:03 26 Jan 2012

That's strange as I use GPU rendering in IE9 on a desktop and two laptops with no problems.

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