problem while opening office 2000 pro word documen

  jolorna 07:34 10 Dec 2008

for some reason or other when i open office 2000 word, i get microsoft visual basic showing. compile error in hidden module: AutoExec with teh option's ok or help, press ok it goes away but returns when i close word as well

  Rahere 09:33 10 Dec 2008

have you installed any office plugins? Check your startup folders in Office - Microsoft Office Startup folder or the Microsoft Excel Startup folder sometimes it's either or both of the following Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker add-in template files:

do you have Norton AntiVirus software installed?

  jolorna 10:38 10 Dec 2008

sorry for the delay getting back to you, i use avast free av, i do have adobe 6 installed so it might be to do with that, i will have a lookand see if i might have deleted something i shouldn't have

  jolorna 10:56 10 Dec 2008

i can't see either
Pdfmaker.xla in the add-in template files will look back later

  Rahere 10:56 10 Dec 2008

You might need to update office 2000 with all updates to sort this out.

  Batch 11:42 10 Dec 2008

It might be something to do with a corruption in Normal.Dot (holds a variety of Word settings).

You can safely delete Normal.Dot (while WOrd isn't running) and Word will recreate a new default one on next use. However, you might lose a few settings and macros (if you've created any).

Alternatively, just rename Normal.Dot (e.g. to Normal_BAK.Dot) and try. That way Word will recreate Normal.Dot as above, but you still have the original one (not that it will be of much use).

To find where Normal.Dot is located, in Word go to Tools, Options, File Locations tab and look at User templates (click on Modify to dispaly the full path if necesssary).

  jolorna 13:58 10 Dec 2008

thank you both for your help, i did a search for which i hadnt done before & deleted that which has cured it thankyou. i tried deleting but it still came back, my brain doesn't function well so things take time for me to follow, will tick resoved now

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