Problem when Limited users use MS Office in XP pro

  Marky_Bhoy 23:10 02 Nov 2003

I have a machine with XP Pro on it, and I have three as Administrator; and two limited user.

Whenever I log in as either of the limited users and try to open any of the Office apps, the Windows installer kicks in, and I then receive an error 1706, that it cannot find the required files, and to check my network connection or that I have the CD inserted. Once I click okay, it goes ahead and opens up the application, and I can open files associated with that program.

What's the cause of the error, and how do I resolve it. Is this an Office problem, or an XP OS error?

  Marky_Bhoy 13:45 03 Nov 2003

what if I install the software again and this time go for a full installation?

  Taff36 13:53 03 Nov 2003

Hope this link works click here

  Marky_Bhoy 19:14 03 Nov 2003

This is close to my problem but in the symptoms paragragh it says "When you insert an Office CD-ROM".

I don;t insert a CD-ROM at all. I get the error message whenever I log on as a limited user and try to open an office application.

  Marky_Bhoy 20:31 03 Nov 2003

I have a sneaky feeling that this may be due to a windows XP update.

has anyone else noticed this?

  Marky_Bhoy 21:21 03 Nov 2003

I managed to solve this one on my own.

What to do is:

insert the cd rom for the program
change the limited user accounts to administrator
log onto problem accounts
start any office application
the installer will start for the first time
log off and change the accoutns back to limited
problem solved!

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