Problem when I am typing emails

  ponytail 11:30 14 Jun 2018

Not sure causes this problem but when I start to type a email I suddenly find the words I am typing are appearing amongst words I have already typed.If I keep typing and then look to perhaps check the spelling I find some of the words are mixed up with earlier words so then I have to try and sort it out by deleting those words and retyping them in the right place.Any advice appreciated.Thanks

  ponytail 10:34 28 Jul 2018

I think I have found the answer to this problem on google I went into devices and printers right clicked the mouse and selected mouse settings then selected pointer options and unticked enhance pointer position.I have just typed this reply without any problem so will wait and see what happens in the future and will post on here any changes.

  wiganken2 17:46 28 Jul 2018

If that was the problem then why did it suddenly start? If it was ticked then can you remember ticking the "enhance pointer precision" box? It seems strange that a setting changed on its own. Maybe a recent update installed/updated some mouse/touchpad drivers which would explain it maybe.

  ponytail 10:21 29 Jul 2018

I have never clicked on the mouse icon and certainly not the Enhanced Pointer Precision Box and have never heard of it.It has been like that for months if you see the date the original post was started that would have been about the time the problem started.Anyway I typed this with no problems so will keep my fingers crossed.

  wiganken2 10:44 29 Jul 2018

I notice that the OP date was 14th June which was after the monthly Windows update so maybe that caused it. Anyway I hope all is fixed now and good luck.

  ponytail 14:56 29 Jul 2018

Yes I hope so to Thanks

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