Problem when I am typing emails

  ponytail 11:30 14 Jun 2018

Not sure causes this problem but when I start to type a email I suddenly find the words I am typing are appearing amongst words I have already typed.If I keep typing and then look to perhaps check the spelling I find some of the words are mixed up with earlier words so then I have to try and sort it out by deleting those words and retyping them in the right place.Any advice appreciated.Thanks

  Forum Editor 11:33 14 Jun 2018

Are you using the trackpad on a laptop? if you are, it sounds as if you are inadvertently moving the cursor to a different place in your text as you type.

  Ian in Northampton 11:43 14 Jun 2018

Does it only happen in emails - or in anything you type?

  ponytail 12:14 14 Jun 2018

It did happen when I typed my post and no I do not use the track pad and I make sure I am nowhere near it.

  difarn 13:23 14 Jun 2018

Have you tried going into mouse properties and putting a tick in 'hide pointer when typing' box?

  ponytail 13:36 14 Jun 2018

I have gone ut cannot see HIDE pOINTERinto mouse properties b

See it has happened again I was typing I have gone into mouse properties but cannot find Hide Printer. All the words are mixed up. This is what happens.

  difarn 19:47 14 Jun 2018

I don't know which OS you are using. In Windows 7 - start - type in mouse and you get an option to click on 'change how your mouse works' - click on it - scroll down to mouse settings - click on pointer options and you will see the option to hide pointer when typing.

Here is a link showing how to do it in Windows 10.

  KEITH 1955 20:17 14 Jun 2018

I had this problem , whilst making a correction to some text using the backspace key ( above the enter key ) I think you might have accidently pressed the insert key to the right of it.

press the insert key again and you should be able to type in the middle of a sentence without typing over your current text.

  difarn 00:38 15 Jun 2018

Sorry forgot the link.

click here

  ponytail 12:57 15 Jun 2018

I have don this scroll down to mouse settings - click on pointer options and you will see the option to hide pointer when typing.That option is ticked.

  difarn 17:31 15 Jun 2018

Reading through several posts about the same problem a lot of posters had their problem solved by installing TouchFreeze. It is designed to disable the touchpad whilst typing. I haven't tried this out myself.

click here

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