Problem viewing web page

  edenworkshops 12:13 06 Dec 2013


Yesterday when I tried to log on to my online banking site, only a small part of the webpage was visible, it was like the normal page had shrunk, leaving everything to small to read.

I can get any other site with no problem, its just my banking site.

I can log on to my banking site normally on another computer, so its not the site.

Thank you


  spuds 13:29 06 Dec 2013

What browser do you normally use,and was using at the time, and have you tried other browsers on the same computer for banking since the problem started?.

If its Barclays banking, then you might find that Barclays only support Internet Explorer, so any problems with other browsers, Barclays can be unhelpful.

What is the operating system you are using?.

  edenworkshops 13:50 06 Dec 2013

I tried using Explorer and it worked, thank you.


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