problem viewing program list

  Boy Zone 19:50 02 Apr 2004

Hi to you all,

I have a small and yet annoying problem. When I select start view all programs, I can't see all the list, some are below the task bar, and I don't know how to overcome this. Even if I turn the task bar off this does NOT resolve my problem.
I use win XP and screen set at 1024*768.

  anon1 20:33 02 Apr 2004

The quickest way would be to trim the list. Go through it and remove items you do not use.

  SEASHANTY 20:42 02 Apr 2004

Here in XP it automatically starts a new column when the first is full. At present I have three columns available when I select "view all programmes". I do however recall that in Windows ME and 98SE that at the bottom of the "view all progs" column there was an arrow pointing down which when selected caused the column to scross allowing the remainder of installed progs to be selected.

  SEASHANTY 20:44 02 Apr 2004 oh my....typing : should read scroll not scross.

  Boy Zone 10:13 03 Apr 2004

I wish I could trim the programs those I don't use, but I can't.
I know if I add new software on my PC, it will create a new colunm, but at the moment It seem that the list is a set.

  Indigo 1 11:55 03 Apr 2004

If you look carefully at the bottom of the program list there should be a small tiangle pointing down, just click that and it should scroll through the unseen programes.

If you can't see the triangle, Click Start Menu/ right click coloured name bar at the top, click Properties/Taskbar and tick the box to Auto Hide the Taskbar.

If not then,

Go to Start Menu & right click on the colured bar at the top with your name on it (or Admistrator) select Properties/Customise/Advanced and scroll down to an option to Scroll Programes and untick the box, that should stop them disappearing off the bottom of the screen.

  Boy Zone 18:52 04 Apr 2004

Thanks for your help,but the only way that I can get to see all the program icons is to make teh display 1152x 864, which is a litytle small, but at least I can see all the full list.
I could not do as instructed by Indigo 1, sorry

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