Problem with video files in my PC

  leroy1260 14:56 17 Sep 2008

I don't know whats wrong with my PC!!!! earlier I used to play video files of all formats. Just few weeks back I bought a Graphic card and installed all the drivers at that time but all videos used to play properly.But now I can't play videos of any formats like (.mpg,.flv,.avi, etc)
I tried installing all media players like (jet audio,Media player classic,vlc,K-lite codec pack,Real player etc)

  leroy1260 09:02 18 Sep 2008

please can anybody help me with this........I thought there was some problem with the video codecs but if there was any problem then how can I play HALO game on my PC, I have a HALO game on my PC but it working what is the problem with the video files in my PC........

  leroy1260 11:38 18 Sep 2008

Now when I play any video in Windows media player a Directshow icon is displayed in the toolbar.I don't know what it is and have never seen the icon any time when I am playing any video files.....

  brundle 11:55 18 Sep 2008

Games don't use codecs in the same way video players do so the fact that your game works reveals little.

"But now I can't play videos of any formats like", "Now when I play any video in Windows media player " - you can, or you can't play videos?

Run DirectX test

What actually happens when you try to play a video? Blank screen, error message, missing codec or unrecognized format message?

  brundle 11:56 18 Sep 2008

DirectX test; click here

  leroy1260 16:16 18 Sep 2008

Actually I can't play any of the video formats. I tried formatting the whole system and even after installing all the drivers the situation is the same.......Sometimes when I try to play any video in 'Media player classic' a "Directvobsub" icon appears in the toolbar I don't know why??
And also when I play video Blank screen, error message, missing codec or unrecognized format message doesn't appear but instead it utilises 100% of my processor usage and tremenduously slows down my PC.........So ultimately I have to open 'Task Manager'to end that media player process.And after when I end that process the system runs perfectly .............
Earlier Videos used to play perfectly and it is just recently that I am facing this problem.....

Also my system configuration is
INTEL 865 chipset Motherboard,
2.4 GHz Pentium 4 proessor,
1.24 GB of RAM,
256 Mb of NViDIA GEFORCE 6200 XFX Graphic card,
160 Gb of HDD

  brundle 16:50 18 Sep 2008

The DX icon is probably to do with one of codec packs, a couple of them appear when KLite is installed. Are you sure you have the correct drivers (click here) and have you checked your hardware acceleration settings? click here

Get rid of all the codec packs and extra downloads, re-install just one codec pack - Klite standard pack is enough for the majority of formats.
Tips on codecs etc; click here

  leroy1260 12:46 19 Sep 2008

I checked my hardware acceleration settings and I found that when I disable my hardware acceleration completely I was able to play my videos properly.
And when I enable it completely again videos showed the same problem,media player would get stuck and pc slows down as usual......
So I am confused now whether my graphic drivers are not proper or the graphic card is faulty please tell me which one ........
I have also checked for the proper drivers as you said in your post brundle and have also downloaded that NVidIA graphic driver.I have installed those drivers and after rebooting the system I was able to play my videos at full hardware acceleration setting....
so does this mean that the drivers CD that I got from the vender is faulty and I need to change it.....

  brundle 14:02 19 Sep 2008

So you can now play videos normally right?

Not faulty, the drivers can vary in quality & resulting speed. Perhaps the ones included on the CD were the latest available at the time, but just not as well programmed as the most recent ones. Standard procedure to check for the latest drivers whenever problems occur with hardware anyway.

  leroy1260 14:36 19 Sep 2008

yup now I can play my vodeos perfectly .
Thanks Brundle for your help.......
And also one thing, the Graphic card which I bought is within the warranty so I can get that CD changed from the vendor ,should I do that or keep that NViDIA software which you told me to download.
And also whenever I format my PC which driver should I install then, the one which is on my Graphic card CD or the NViDIA software that you told me download.......
I will really be Thankful if you help me with this one last question above.

  brundle 14:42 19 Sep 2008

The software's free, they include some drivers with any device that needs them but you'd always go on the 'net and get the latest ones. Keep the downloaded version and install that (or check for a newer version) when it comes to a fresh install.

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