problem using Tesco site with Firefox

  Halmer 14:29 15 Nov 2008

When I click here and try to enlarge the image, for some reason, a dialogue box opens up asking me which program to use rather than just enlargening the image.

Would someone mind testing it for me please to see if it is a Tesco thing and not my PC.

Thanks in advance.

  Zurdo 14:41 15 Nov 2008

It's a common problem with this site see click here I found the answer was to uninstall the word in works module.

  Woolwell 17:26 15 Nov 2008

I have the same problem with Firefox but not with Opera. It would seem that the Tesco site is not fully compatible with Firefox.

  chub_tor 17:42 15 Nov 2008

No problem here with Tesco on Firefox (latest edition 3.0.4) or with Chrome.

  Zurdo 19:47 15 Nov 2008

Ignore my previous thread about Word in Works Suite addon. This was to cure another prob! Sorry.

  Halmer 09:23 16 Nov 2008

sporadic because I've viewed the enlarged TV today via FF and it worked for some reason.

  Halmer 09:25 16 Nov 2008

It looks like it works first time (with a cleared cache) and then the second time brings up the box.

  Halmer 11:42 16 Nov 2008

I have Adblock. Wonder if it's that?

To be honest I've just viewed it a number of times without problem then went to another TV and that one failed so it's got me stumped.

  wightman 12:48 18 Nov 2008

Hi Guys
I to have problems with Tesco site, this started when purely by co-incidence Tesco re-designed their site and Firefox moved to ver 3.0.0.
When I contacted Mozilla via Bugzilla I was informed they were working on this problem; finally they came up with a 'fix'?? the trouble lay within Java there was some form of incompatibility which would be solved when release 10 came out. This has not fixed the issue.
I use I/E v7 and have no problem using the Tesco site, in addition I have downloaded IEPro7 this allows me to switch rendering engines by a click of the mouse. There does not at present to be a fix for this or until Tesco and Mozilla get their heads together.

  wightman 12:58 18 Nov 2008

Hi Guys
Sorry I forgot to state that you can open the Tesco site its only when you start browsing the pages that the 'Dialogue Boxes' open up instead of the page.
I have contacted Tesco webmaster with the 'thoughts' that Mozilla gave me, they invited Tesco to get in touch with them...result...zilch !!
Draw your only conclusions but surely a major company like this should listen to problems their on-line customers have.

  Halmer 13:33 18 Nov 2008

makes me feel better that it's not my PC ;-)



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