Problem using Outlook Express

  tardis100 19:32 01 Oct 2008

I am having trouble sending an email to a friend in Canada from Outlook Express. If I send a one liner then there is no problem and it arrives OK (so I know I’m not black listed!) but if I send a longer email, 3 or 4 paragraphs it doesn’t arrive and it doesn’t come back to me either. It is sitting in my "Sent" folder. The only way I know it hasn’t arrived is when she writes and tells me she hasn’t heard from me!! So I can receive in OE with no problem. I am using Windows XP and OE and my ISP is “” If I go to the BT web mail and send from there then it does arrive OK. I also have an old Tiscali address and if I send from the Tiscali web mail page that arrives OK too. So why can’t I send straight from OE? She is using Vista and Outlook Express. Can anyone help please?

  The Kestrel 19:45 01 Oct 2008

In the account section of Outlook Express, is the server correctly named? It should be set as . If I remember correctly the server named changed not so long ago.

  tardis100 20:22 01 Oct 2008

Hi, thanks for getting back. Yes, I've checked both the POP3 and the SMTP are set as - any other thoughts? Is there somewhere that regulates the size of emails that can be sent?

  lynken 22:57 01 Oct 2008

Hi, resend the email with the 4 paragraph but add in the cc section put your own email address, cc is carbon copy and if you receive your own email back to you then the fault is on your friends end and not yours.

  tardis100 19:57 02 Oct 2008

Thanks for getting back and the suggestion to send myself a copy - did that - and to my horror it hasn't come back to me so the problem IS with me (and all this time in my heart of hearts I felt the problem was in Canada!) - oh dear - does anyone have any more suggestions please?

  lynken 23:41 03 Oct 2008

Hi again, is the emails still sitting in your outbox or did they send. another question is do you send emails to anyone else longer than one line and do they receive it ok. also in your outlook settings bt require authorised access, please chech the following.

open outlook go to tools, select accounts and select mail, click on your email and click properties, along the top select services, on the outgoing mail server make sure that the box is ticked (my server requires authentication). click OK

If it was not ticked then try to send your mail again including the cc (carbon copy to your own email address)

Let me know how you get on.


  tardis100 12:58 04 Oct 2008

Thanks for getting back to me, did the check, out box empty and there is a tick in the 'my server requires authentication' BUT - I have just heard that the last email I sent arrived - GREAT - but I never got my cc returned so not sure what that means and I'm not sure how confident that the next time I send it will arrive! (This has been an on going problem for a couple of months or so.) So thanks for persevering with me and I shall just have to see how it goes. And yes I have sent other emails of similar length and they seem to go OK.

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