A problem using the back button in this forum

  ChrisP 20:36 21 Dec 2004

I have probably done something to my internet settings but have recently had considerable problems using this forum. If I enter a Search term and click, then I see the page listing all posts found. So far, so good. After reading one ofr the posts and finding it not relevant to what I want, I press the back button to return to the search results. I now always get 'The page cannot be displayed'. If I use the back button again, I get the Helproom top page. If I use the Refresh button I get the top page where I have to choose which forum I want. Holding Shift, CTRL or both and simultaneously pressing the back button has no effect on this. What setting should I change, please, to get back to being able to go back with the back button?

  Mikè 20:41 21 Dec 2004

Which ever browser you are using set it to never check for new pages, this will mean that you view the cached page each time you go back.

  ChrisP 20:57 21 Dec 2004


Thanks for this. I have searched my browser toolbar and gone through the Tools|internet options tab (I have IE6 and XP with SP2) but can't find any 'chek for new pages' box. Can you tell me where this is, please?

  Buchan 35 22:00 21 Dec 2004

ChrisP, I`ve found that I`ve got to be patient particularly with the "Back" button. If you are over zealous in your use of the finger that thumps it you¬ll find that you go further back than you want. I like to think that the reason it`s so slow is not the FE`s fault but the fact that this has to be the most popular forum. All of us suffer a little waiting time. Happy Christmas,mate.

  bruno 22:37 21 Dec 2004

Try using Opera,you can then go back by simply left clicking,dead lazy!

  bruno 22:39 21 Dec 2004

Should have said "right/left clicking".

  ChrisP 23:53 21 Dec 2004

Thanks all. I found how to alter the IE settings to avoid checking for new pages (under Settings on the General tab) and altered it. No difference, I'm afraid.

I am very patient with the back button. However, it's more complicated than that. If I go to the Helproom and click on one of the listed posts, I can read it and then return to the original list by using the back button - it's very quick and goes directly, no flashing or anything like that. It's only when returning to the Search list that I cannot get the back button to work. Is this me or the Forum, after all? The back button works fine on onther Internet sites.

I've thought about other browsers but this hardly seems the best reason for a change.

  woodchip 23:56 21 Dec 2004

A lot including me seem to be getting this problem of late, no Idea what the prob could be

  woodchip 23:57 21 Dec 2004

When you see it just press the refresh reload button

  ChrisP 01:07 22 Dec 2004

Thanks for the suggestins but they don't really address the issue. I want to go back to the search results list fafter opening one of the posts in that list. Opening in a new window seems to be just the same as going back to the top i.e. to the home page.

The refresh button does not help either, I'm afraid. It just takes me back to the home page also.

  Forum Editor 07:20 22 Dec 2004

on four different machines in my office and I can't. I have no problem with using the back button to return to the last page I saw.

I tried it in both IE and Firefox, and also in Lotus Notes which we use for email at PCA - no problems at all in any browser. It's certainly not a problem with the site.

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