Problem with USB ports

  [email protected] 21:51 11 May 2005

Yesterday I had a problem with the on/off button jamming on my PC. This has been resolved but a legacy is the loss of my USB ports (6)?
XP just doesnt recognise anything anymore. I have disconnected all peripherals (printer/scanner/ADSL modem/game joystick) and connected my digital camera to each port in turn, but XP throws up the same device not recognised message each time. With the afor mentioned peripherals connected I was unable to find them listed under Device Manager - its as though some liaison has been lost. I have checked in BIOS and all looks normal with the only reference to any USB disabled being USB Legacy Mouse and USB Legacy Keyboard. I have searched the PCA database but not much help there, and tried wading through MS own Help/Advice but no good either. Anyone able to advise please?

  Eric10 22:24 11 May 2005

Since this has occurred since you worked on the power switch I would tend to concentrate on checking the front USB ports of your case. If you've had the front ports disconnected then have you got the plug back on correctly? Try leaving the front ports disconnected to see if the on-board ports come back to life.

  rubella 22:33 11 May 2005

Have you tried reinstalling the USB bus controllers?

  [email protected] 08:12 12 May 2005

Hi Eric10. I didnt actually work on anything, just sort of moved the on/off button gently around and it came back out.
Rubella - no, not sure how to go about that yet. I have done system restore to before problem and in-depth SFC but still the same. Its as though the Plug and Play side of Windows is not working.

  Eric10 09:56 12 May 2005

Reading through your post again I get the impression that the USB ports are listed in Device Manager but your USB devices don't work. It may help to Uninstall them in Device Manager and let Windows re-detect them upon restarting if you haven't already tried this. I don't know if anything on this page will help but it may be worth reading through it. click here

  [email protected] 10:36 12 May 2005

Thanks Eric10, your impression is correct. I will try what you suggest and will give your link a read. Thanks again.

  [email protected] 21:20 12 May 2005

Well it's sorted but I don't know how! This evening I decided to power up my PC and it made an awful noise (fan I hope and not HDD :-). I switched off and decided to power up again but this time with the PC on my desk with the side cover off - to check the origin of the noise. I disconnected everything, put the PC on the desk and removed the cover. Applied power and it booted up silently [it would wouldnt it]. A window appeared [DSLMON] suggesting I connect my modem. I did this and a few wizzes and clicks later it said the software was installed and sure enough the modem was operational. I reconnected all the peripherals and they all worked as well. I am now on the net with everything working normally - albeit the PC is semi nude and there is wire everywhere. Only wish I could be specific about remedial action but it would appear powering up with everything disconnected seemed to do the trick but I am sure I already tried that! Thanks to everyone who tried to help and Eric10 - thanks for the link which I found very helpful.

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