Problem with USB and mouse not working

  exdragon 08:01 14 Apr 2013

Hi – can anyone help with this problem, please? I have Windows 7 with a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. Yesterday, the mouse stopped properly – after a couple of minutes of switching on my , the cursor stopped, then when I nudged it, it moved slightly before freezing. The keyboard wouldn’t respond either and the only way I could close down was to do a soft boot, which then started in safe mode, or shut down completely. The mouse works ok with the , once I’ve paired it using the Logitech unifying software.

I’ve tried the following: system restore (this stopped halfway through), changing all available batteries, safe mode, Malwarebytes, using different USB ports, uninstalling/reinstalling mouse/keyboard. I have several of the Logitech receivers and have tried all those too. I’ve also tried a USB mouse and keyboard but the same thing happens.

The USB ports look ok in Device Manager, but there’s a warning triangle next to the Coprocessor – does that have anything to do with the problem? I did Google it and one suggestion was to delete the driver and on reboot, it ‘should’ reappear but I’m not sure.

Something else odd: after one of the restarts, my Kaspersky vanished and MSE appeared (I’d downloaded it in preparation for Kaspersky running out next week, but hadn’t installed it yet) and one of my USB external drives, to which I had allocated a specific drive letter T, suddenly became K.

I think I have a problem and any help would be appreciated!

  exdragon 10:20 14 Apr 2013

Thank you, the system was restored to just a couple of days ago. I've also already tried the unpair/pair bit and used different receivers. I'll try vewing the hidden devices,but it's likely that the cusor will freeze before I can open device manager.

  exdragon 11:06 14 Apr 2013

Hmm, just removed the USB card which was connected to the SATA drive on the Motherboard and so far, touch wood, things are working.

I did check the hidden devices and everything is there. I'll carry on working and see what happens...

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