Problem with USB Mouse

  Payroll2 16:45 09 Sep 2003

Packard Bell 128mb mem.
Computer shutdown when restarted lost graphics which was soon corrected but cannot get the usb mouse to work. The keyboard is usb and works fine. Fitted a ps2 mouse and the system recognises it but flatly refuses to see usb mouse.Swapped mouse for another usb mouse but this was not recognised either.
Can anyone help solve this problem please.

  Clivuus 17:27 09 Sep 2003

Is your usb port for the mouse in the computer or in the computer? If in the computer, have you checked to see if your usb port is active. Use the device manager to check. My brother had a Packard Bell computer and it 'lost' 2 of the 4 computer usb ports.

  Clivuus 17:33 09 Sep 2003

Oops I meant to type 'is the usb port for the mouse in the keyboard or in the computer.'

  Payroll2 17:37 09 Sep 2003

Tried the mouse in the keyboard and in the 3 other usb ports and it was still not recognised.
Swapped the keyboard usb to another port and that still worked but the usb mouse wont respond.

  Payroll2 20:11 09 Sep 2003

is it worth trying 2 remove the usb drivers and letting windows re-detect and reinstall.

  Clivuus 21:26 09 Sep 2003

As your keyboard works in the other usb ports, I can only assume that your usb ports/drivers are ok, so your mouse must be duff. Have you tried the mouse on any other computer?

  BarryKeith 22:13 09 Sep 2003

May be mouse driver needs reinstalling.

  Payroll2 09:10 10 Sep 2003

I have put another usb mouse in all the ports and this does not work either, taken what was thought to be faulty mouse and tried it on my own pc and it works fine so there is no problem with the usb mice, am now at a loss as what can be tried next.

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