Problem with usb microsoft optical mouse

  Giskard 01:11 10 Feb 2003

My optical mouse freezes up and will not move until i unplug the usb plug from its socket, once i replug it it works fine again until it freezes again. There is no time limit and it seems to be ramdom. Is this a known problem and is there anything i can do apart from unplugging. Your help is most appreciated.

  Terrahawk 01:14 10 Feb 2003

are you running it on a multi coloured surface they prefer plain

  Djohn 01:21 10 Feb 2003

You could try removing the driver for your mouse, and then re-install. Most USB devices prefer to have the software installed before connecting the hardware to PC.

  Philip2 01:22 10 Feb 2003

Try uninstalling and rebooting i never install the mouse drivers mine works fine without them i also use a dark mouse mat they work better with a optical mouse,also if you look in control panel at the mouse settings i leave them at the default setting,you could have a faulty mouse.

  'oppy 09:20 10 Feb 2003

May want new batteries in the base of the mouse?

  Gongoozler 09:42 10 Feb 2003

Giskard, do your usb ports work properly with other usb devices?

  Dr. Charles 11:28 10 Feb 2003

have you plugged this mouse, into a hub and not in to your PC directly? Otherwise I would think that you would need to download the software from the Microsoft site. I had to do this with my new intellimouse. And the software that it came with was out of date, and it was a simple procedure

  graham 13:28 10 Feb 2003

too many devices connected via usb and the mouse is being shut down.

  graham 13:42 10 Feb 2003

In device manager, expand mouse, right click on mouse.
In properties, select Power Management. turn off...untick if ticked.

  craig, 14:04 10 Feb 2003

I had a freezing MS Optical Intellimouse. It was caused by the wiring at the base of the mouse becoming worn (not visibly but 'working' the wire caused the problem to reproduce.

I cured it by opening up the mouse (four screws under the sticky pads plus gentle levering); cutting the mouse wire back beyond the faulty section, and stripping and soldering the wire to the connector.

I did find a website with pictures of the process but no luck (or correct sequence of keywords) this time.

Of course, all warranties would be void, and soldering carries its own risks.


  bruno 14:05 10 Feb 2003

Does the light go out on your mouse?My Logitech optical mouse stops working when my wife clicks the spark ignition on the cooker(which is on the other side of a dividing wall).The cursor freezes and the light goes out.Plugging it back in to the USB socket cures the problem.My point is that any electrical "spike" could probably give the same result.Roomstats etc.come to mind.Just a thought.

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