Problem with USB on Laptop Evo N610c

  Valen 11:16 13 Jun 2010

Hi I have recently got this laptop and it has been checked and restored etc. I have updated everything microsoft antivirus etc. I went on to HP site and drivers are on there but cannot see any for USB ports. Two of which are at the back of the laptop.

I have checked the forums for help but they are not for the same problem.

They are listed in device manager as working properly and they do seem to with small peripherals such as a mouse. As soon as I plug in my backup hard drive or a flash drive to transfer my music on to the laptop it then freezes the laptop. I have tried a track at a time rather than a whole album and it allows a few tracks then freezes and I have to shut computer down by pressing on off as nothing will work.

I know the laptop is old but it runs brilliantly for its age and was refurbished with XP pro. Everything else seems to work fine, my plug in mouse does not freeze the laptop as yet just the hard drive or flash drive.

Could it be the USB ports are not suitable for drives which seems to me should not be. Thank you

  onthelimit 11:20 13 Jun 2010

It looks as though anything that needs more than a small amount of power is overloading the system - sorry, not sure if there is an answer to this as the drivers seem to be working OK.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 13 Jun 2010

Try using a powered USB Hub

  onthelimit 11:37 13 Jun 2010

I really should have thought of that!

  Valen 12:05 13 Jun 2010

Hi thanks for your input. I have tried this and same thing happens as soon as I try to transfer over to laptop it freezes. Looks like I will have to send it back to the seller if cannot sort it.

  T I M B O 12:09 13 Jun 2010

What operating system does this have & how much ram ??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 13 Jun 2010

Could also be a conflict problem.

You could use USBDEVIEW click here will show you all USB devices connected or not.

Use it to remove all devices except keyboard and mouse. It will clear all Usb info from registry.

Next time you plug in a device it will "find new hardware" and reinstall the drivers.

may solve your problem.

  Valen 12:28 13 Jun 2010

It has 1.25gb ram and as above XP pro everything else is fine it only happens when transferring files in this case it was music files. Have tried normal word files and also freezes. Seems anything plugged in to transfer will freeze laptop.

  Valen 17:02 13 Jun 2010

Handy little programme but unfortunately still a problem. The problem now is worse as now when I plug a flash drive in or a backup drive it freezes straight away so the laptop just does not like big devices. The mouse is plugged in and works fine still.

  Valen 15:43 14 Jun 2010

Have managed to sort it. The laptop is only 1.0 speed so therefore the back up drive and flash drives just freeze the laptop as not compatible. Using a 1.0 spee flash drive I have no problem.

  woodchip 15:48 14 Jun 2010

In Device Manager, Unintall all USB then restart Laptop and let Windows reload Drivers for it

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