Problem uploading to Virgin freespace

  andy625 13:13 20 Sep 2005

I have been trying to connect to my virgin freespace using the ipswitch ftp program that virgin recommend. I filled in all the fields in the ftp setup as instructed by the virgin help page, however the ftp program keeps saying that the virgin server rejects my details.
I have been using, and my virgin username & password. Can anyone offer any advice, or tell me an easier way of creating a web page with a different company. I have used virgin as my ISP for the last few years but have never tried using the freespace before.



  scotty 14:02 20 Sep 2005

When you enter your username do you include the part? Try both options i.e. with and without the

  MAJ 14:05 20 Sep 2005

Try this link click here, andy625, although the graphic shows as the host, it states in one of the points further down to use In some cases (although not shown in that graphic) they like you to use your full ID as in your email address, [email protected] rather than just andy625, try it both ways see if you get any joy.

  andy625 19:09 20 Sep 2005

Thanks for the replies, I will have another go later and let you know what happens.

  andy625 19:44 20 Sep 2005

OK, I've tried, click here,, click here, I've also tried my username and [email protected] with both versions of the host address. According to the virgin site, I thought this was supposed to be straight forward?!?

Is there another way I can get a website up and running? Its only a personal one so that I can see if I can get the hang of it, nothing too important.

  MAJ 19:52 20 Sep 2005

You could try a site with Tripod click here they give you some free webspace (+ ads), a lot of people use it to test their web building skills in the beginning. Virgin's ftp servers must be having a problem though, you really shouldn't have that much trouble connecting to them. You ARE connecting to the internet via Virgin, aren't you, andy625?

  scotty 20:21 20 Sep 2005

I now use a program called FTP Commander (used to use ipswich but I think they started charging for it). Settings for Virgin homepage are -

FTP Server:

Used ID: username (without the

Password: as used to retrieve e-mail

One problem I had last time I tried to use virgin homepage was that I was trying to access it from a non-virgin server (I used to be on dial-up with virgin, now on BB with other provider). It would not let me access server and gave error 530. Needed to revert to dialup for it to work.

  andy625 21:03 20 Sep 2005

A-ha, that may be the problem. I am connecting to the internet using our (non-virgin) broadband connection. I still use a virgin dialup occasionally with my pda, so I've kept the virgin email etc.

I will try connecting my laptop using the dialup and see if that solves the problem. If that fails, I'll try tripod.

Thanks for your help.

  MAJ 21:17 20 Sep 2005

There's no question, andy625, that IS the problem. You HAVE to connect via Virgin to access the ftp servers.

  andy625 11:06 21 Sep 2005

You're right MAJ. I managed to connect, uploaded a test htm file which seemed to go ok, ie it appeared in the RH window of the FTP prog.

Next problem is: when I type in my freespace web address I can't see my test page. Virgin says that they are supposed to be published straight away, but nothing has appeared this morning either.

I'm beginning to wonder if I wouldn't be better off transferring to a different webspace provider. Appart from Tripod, has anyone got any recommendations?

  MAJ 11:46 21 Sep 2005

Let's assume your site is named and the test file you uploaded is called "test.htm". To view that file you need to type (into the address bar) If the test file is called "index.htm" all you need to type in is

If you are doing that correctly and you still can't see the test file, then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the F5 key, that will clear the cache and hopefully let you see the new uploaded test file.

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