Problem typing three figures on laptop

  tooter 19:02 24 May 2015

Hi I have a Novatech 17" laptop about 18 months old running Windows 7 for the last 3 months I have had trouble while typing on the keyboard. The fault happens most days but is intermittent, sometimes it will not print the figures '3', 'i' and 'r' on to the screen, when the '3' will not print to the screen 'i' & 'r' will not print either, when the '3' is working ok the 'i' & 'r' will also work ok. These are the only keys with this problem (they seem to be linked somehow). I cannot think it is a fault with the keyboard keys because that would only affect the one faulty key and would not affect the same other two keys as well. It happens when I am typing a letter and also when I using the internet. I have contacted Novatech but they have not had the problem before. Thanks for your help

  bumpkin 19:18 24 May 2015

It sounds like something has been spilt on it or there is debris in the keyboard.

  rdave13 19:21 24 May 2015

Hold the laptop upside down and blow on the keyboard or use compressed air, you might be able to gently prize off the key caps to clean further. Failing that go to device manager and check that there's no driver issue. If the issue persists it could be a bad connection to the motherboard.

  rdave13 19:23 24 May 2015

Oops I meant prise not prize.

  robin_x 19:26 24 May 2015

Also try an external keyboard or the Ease of Access Center On-Screen Keyboard can be used with a modicum of inconvenience

  alanrwood 20:12 24 May 2015

Failing the above it sounds as though it is possible that the keyboard tracks have somehow been compromised as they are all in the same physical area. Possibly where the tracks switch over from top to bottom of the K/B PCB the through hole plating may have broken or be intermittent. See if you can connect a USB K/B and see if that works. If it does then you have a keyboard fault. Some laptop keyboards are reasonably cheap, some not. I have paid £10 - £102 in the past so look on eBay for your model.

  tooter 21:48 24 May 2015

Hi I tried to purchase a new keyboard,I Googled the model number: MP-13A86GB-528. The only company that I found that supply this model keyboard is in the USA.

  rdave13 23:50 24 May 2015

If you are competent to replacing a keyboard on a laptop then check the connection to your mobo first. See if it works, if not, contact Novatech as they will be able to supply you with a new keyboard for your model. State that you have contacted them previously and that you need to buy a new keyboard for the laptop and ask for advice on how to install.

Found Novatech help lines/email very helpful on previous experience.

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