Problem trying to load windows ME SU0013 Error

  darkjedimistress 10:46 06 Aug 2003

I recently had problems booting up my system as it repeatidly hung and told me the Registry was damaged. I therefore formatted the HDD to start from scratch but I keep getting the following message when Windows ME is trying to install..

Setup cannot create files on your start up drive for WIN ME.

If you have a HPFS or Windows NT file system you need to create an MS-DOS partition. If you have LANtastic server or Superstor compression disable it before resuming setup.

This problem has left me stumped, I have 3 HDD's in the system so took 2 of them out so I only had 1 HDD and tried setup with 2 of the drives individually but the same message is happening.

At an absolute loss. The only thing I did to the system before the problem was to install some USB drivers for a small 128Mb MP3 player (mini-hard drive) and since then the system is corrupt.

Anyone know a fix? For the problem to happen to two HDD's I am presuming there is something wrong with the BIOS or my actual start up floppy disk? When I originally checked FDISK at the beginning of the problems my 40gb was reported as 2 partitions of 20 and 19Gb but FDISK said it was 32GB in total. Presuming that was the problem?

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:00 06 Aug 2003

darkjedimistress have you got a Toshiba Tecra computer? If so see MS Support at click here

  darkjedimistress 11:05 06 Aug 2003

Hi there.

No it was one I built 3 years ago. I have been thinking about the problem and realise that my the original HDD was someone messed up (wrong size recognition etc) so perhaps just a FORMAT was not enough and I should have used FDISK also. I didn't.

I am trying to use the slave drive now to load windows, i have changed it to a MASTER, used FDISK and set it as an active partition, it is currently split into 4 partitions so I have made the first partition active and am formatting that partition as we speak. Hopefully Windows ME will load onto this one.

  darkjedimistress 11:08 06 Aug 2003

On failure to reboot windows I should have gone into FDISK, repartioned the drive and formatted the drive and then tried to reload windows. Instead I just formatted the HDD and tried to load windows resulting in the SU0013 error.

I did notice during bootup that sometimes the PC would not even recognise the boot drive and then it would appear on the next restart.

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