Problem trying to download off disc.

  spuds 16:51 01 Nov 2014

I have a cd drive on one of my computers, and using that drive it shows in My Computer and will play recorded music cd's without any problems.

When I make any attempt to download a software programme off a disc in the same drive, it just informs me 'to insert disc'. (As though there is no disc there, when there actually is). Same problem with other download disc's and attempts.

Never had this problem previously, so is there a way around this.

The computer is running XP Home.

Any advice appreciated and gladly received.

  lotvic 16:54 01 Nov 2014

Could it be that they are DVDs and not CDs and your drive is CD rom?

  rdave13 17:36 01 Nov 2014

Same as lotvic, the drive could be a CD drive only. Use another PC to copy the software on to a CD then use that to install on your XP machine.

  spuds 18:21 01 Nov 2014


I have one dvd rom and one cd drive on the same computer, same results with both devices.

  rdave13 18:51 01 Nov 2014

Try this fix.

  lotvic 18:58 01 Nov 2014

Are the discs (still don't know if they are dvd or cd) bought ones or home pc recorded ones?

If home pc recorded ones, are they CD-R or CD+R?

Is your DVD and your CD Drive capable of reading both - (minus) or + (plus) discs?

  spuds 19:55 01 Nov 2014


Tried the 'fix' and went through the procedures, it reported that it could find no problems on either drives. It then offered further Microsoft support, but what was offered provided no further possible solutions.


The disc is a pre-produced manufactured software download item, which I have used previously with success.

Having played around a little, it would seem as though its possibly my fault. the cd drive was trying to 'search' the disc. Putting the disc in the DVD drive allowed me to open the disc. I went no further than that, so will play around with it again tomorrow possibly, and see if that resolves all the issues.

Thanks both, will now tick this post.

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